The foldable Razr should be released in the coming months

Image 1 : Le Razr pliable devrait sortir dans les prochains mois

Image 1: The foldable Razr should be released in the coming months

Foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei have been among the main attractions of MWC. All manufacturers are well aware that there is a real demand for this new type of product. The rumor that Motorola prepares its own flexible phone been running for a few days. The company’s vice-president confirmed that a device of this kind is well in preparation and that it should be released later this year.

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In an interview with our colleagues, Dan Dery, an executive of the American manufacturer, said that “Motorola has no intention of lagging behind the others in this market”. Dan Dery therefore confirmed (with covered words) that the release of a “foldable Razr” is imminent. Indeed, the Galaxy Fold to go on sale April 26, while its biggest competitor, Huawei’s Mate X, will be launched this summer. If Motorola really does not want to lag behind the competition, it will be necessary to propose a phone before the end of the year.

The rumor that Motorola is about to release an updated Razr has been around for a few weeks. The patents filed by the company show a device with a design totally inspired by Razr V3 and its famous “clamshell” format. Dan Dery gives some details on the design choices of the company and, by the way, launches a spade to Huawei and the Mate X: “even if the smartphones that fold out are the most beautiful, we tested OLED devices covered with plastic film on top. Lifetime [de ce type de téléphone] is short. They are damaged as soon as you take them out of their packaging. But these devices are very beautiful, that’s for sure, at least the first day. ”