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the first tests suggest a real attraction but also reservations

The watch Apple Watch will be difficult to obtain from the first day of launch (April 24) and even in pre-order, the deadlines already seem to turn on the month of May, as long as one prefers an exotic finish. Upstream of the opening of pre-orders this April 10, the first takeovers of Apple's connected watch have started to flourish on the Web.

Apple Watch All highlight the quality of the finish and the choice of materials used which give the impression of having an object a little out of the ordinary.

From the touch screen with its system Force Touch with the crown on the side to navigate in the interface to the notification system and the fitness app, everything works correctly despite some slowdowns found that Apple has already promised to correct by a last update before launch.

Bluetooth but also WiFi connectivity make the Watch watch a companion to the iPhone from which it can also partially overcome. The watch also allows multiple interactions with his family and contacts through eco-emoticons and animations or using the Siri digital assistant.

Apple Watch Despite the promise of a thousand Watch apps at launch, the first testers were not completely convinced of their relevance. More generally, they struggle to find real differentiating factors compared to the existing offer or even strong justifications for its purchase, apart from having a beautiful object (and very precise in time display) to wear on the wrist.

Like its competitors, the Watch watch lacks a killer app or a function capable of making it indispensable. Like most of its competitors too, it struggles to exceed two days of operation.

In a way, the Watch watch is caught in the same trap as the other smartwatches and does not really answer the question affecting them all: "it's beautiful, it's attractive but what interest in everyday life?", with in the case of Apple the problem of price list, which starts at € 400.

In the opinion of a majority of the first testers, the potential is there and enrichment by services and applications of the iOS ecosystem will only help to fill the feeling of emptiness observed for the moment.