The first reviews of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The first reviews of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

iphone 11 pro iconApple had invited many journalists and youtubers from around the world, the occasion of the Apple Event dedicated to the iPhone 11. at the end of each keynote, there is the traditional test phase where the people who attended the event, can touch and use new announcements. We're talking about the iPhone 11 Pro this time

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iPhone 11 Pro: large, bright, impressive

A journalist from TechRadar had the chance to test an iPhone 11 Pro Max last night. He gave his opinion!

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iPhone 11 Pro: photo and video

These are the essential new features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. He will be able to take pictures with a wider field of vision and with a spectacular night mode. As you can see in the photo above, there are 3 possibilities below, ultra wide angle, the wide-angle and the tlobjective. The first opinions of the journalist are positive, unfortunately it was impossible to test the night mode or the wide angle in the test room.

Regarding the video, the journalist appreciates being able to record, modify easily and quickly from the iPhone. For him, the camera was quick and clear in bright light while he tested the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

photo iphone 11 pro max

iPhone 11 Pro: design and display

At the level of the first touch and the first look, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not very different from the iPhone XS Max.
In terms of screen quality, the Super Retina XDR East unbelievable ! The brightness is excellent in bright light. The journalist seems won over this screen which seems to him to be higher than that of the iPhone XS Max. remains an OLED screen, but of better quality!

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max and iOS 13, it's love at first sight

Like every year, the latest iPhone works perfectly with the latest version of iOS. Again, this is no exception. There is a fluidity unbelievable and iOS 13 gives the best performance from the latest Apple smartphone. He also noted that Face ID on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iOS 13 is very quick and the enlargement of the front camera of the iPhone, allows facial recognition to be better regardless of the angle from which you look at your iPhone.

Games on the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The TechRadar reporter was in a hurry to test one thing, the games! It confirms that the A13 Bionic is a power monster, there is no doubt that this is the fastest smartphone it has tested. The game he tested is "Pascal's Wager". This is the game that you saw during the Apple Event demonstration. The opening of the game was done quite slowly, but once opened, the iPhone made prowess in matters of graphics, everything was perfect ! The light bouncing off the character's armor and rendering the shadows around. The experience was fantastic.

iphone 11 pro max game

The media in the test room all say the same thing, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a little wonder when it comes to power, photo quality, screen, video editing features. ..

The real tests will be done from September 20, date of the launch day of the new iPhone. It is difficult to test the iPhone in a test room and after a few minutes to give a positive or negative opinion. We really realize the qualities of the smartphone after 24 hours of use.

As a reminder, the pre-order of the Apple smartphone will take place Friday, September 13 2 p.m..
In the meantime, read our comparison of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro again.