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The first Retina applications arrive on the Mac App Store

The first Retina applications arrive on the Mac App Store

A few days before Apple’s press conference, the first Retina-compatible OS X applications appear on the Mac App Store.

While Apple has recently updated its Safari application (version 5.2) for OS X which has the distinction of being compatible with a Retina display, a new update of the application FolderWatch, a folder synchronization application, was made available this Friday on the Mac App Store. In the description of the new features of the latter, a specification calls for: the passage of Retina-type graphics. A new index that no longer leaves too much doubt that Apple is about to announce the arrival of new machines incorporating a notch compatible with this format. Work in sight for developers who, to stay in the loop, will have to adapt their application (s) with this new format, while taking care to also keep the current format for previous machine generations. In practice, an application for the Mac App Store can therefore offer both types of format. Depending on the user's screen, the system will display either version of the application. There is no doubt that a good part of the applications already present on the Mac App Store are already compatible with the new format but to realize this, it will obviously be necessary to use them from a new machine.

Apple is expected to announce the arrival of these new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac at its press conference on Monday at WWDC San Francisco. A press conference which will be broadcast live on the Belgium-iPhone site.

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