the first reprisals following the Charlie Hebdo attack

the first reprisals following the Charlie Hebdo attack

As we know, the famous group Anonymous is viscerally attached to freedom of expression and intends to defend it. Thus, under the Anonymous standard, an operation called OpCharlieHebdo would have taken shape (note the conditional), with a message addressed to "enemies of freedom of expression."

Anonymous will never let this right flouted by obscurantism and mysticism. We will always and everywhere fight the enemies of freedom of expression. (…) To attack it is to attack democracy. Expect a massive and frontal reaction from us because the fight for the defense of these freedoms is the very basis of our movement.

anonymous-masksOn Friday, the first part of the reprisals began with the publication of jihadist Twitter accounts on the Pastebin site, accompanied by an incentive for internet users to report them to the social network to lead to their closure.

Note that this operation would have caused debate within the group. Action which, also for others like Olivier Bogaert, commissioner of the Computer Crime Unit of the federal police, may well complicate the work of investigators:

The call for revenge by Anonymous fits in with the ideology of the group that advocates for free internet. But by targeting sites that broadcast speeches and opinions, they themselves demonstrate that freedom of expression on the net must be limited. (..) In addition, by attacking the server, hackers of Anonymous risk blocking data or removing traces of access to sites by criminals. Traces that could be used to identify other terrorists.

In the night of Saturday to Sunday, a second action was carried out with an attack on the site (we will not provide the exact name) which is known in particular for its jihadist propaganda, site which was put out of service .

Note that the Anonymous group indicated that it was not the source of the site which we were talking about and on which a countdown was present with an Islamic flag. Moreover, since this morning, a redirect has been set up and brings back to the site, a so-called marketing company specializing in the sale of web traffic. A fairly "untimely" marketing operation (…) therefore which would have nothing to do with the anonymous or with all the momentum of solidarity around recent odious events.