the first episode of the 8th season pirates more than 55 million times in 24 hours

Despite the efforts made by some broadcasters to offer the Game of Thrones series in a large number of countries around the world, simultaneously or with a few hours delay on American broadcasting, the series remains particularly pirated.

And for this first episode of season 8, the piracy figures happily exceed the audiences of HBO, the chain behind the series …

Game of Thrones 8

Despite an excellent score of 17.4 million viewers, the channel lost to more than 55 million views of the pirated version in less than 24 hours.

The figures provided by MUSO relate to direct piracy, but also streaming, whether it is done on popular sites or via IPTV servers, but not all platforms are monitored by the company and many views therefore pass to the hatch.

MUSO also indicates that 77% of these 55 million views come from streaming and only 12% come from downloading files. The torrent accounts for 11% of the piracy for this episode.

Another point to emphasize: it is not because we are American that we do not pirate the series since the country is third in the rank of the countries in which the episode was the most pirated. However, HBO offers, on the sidelines of the live broadcast of its series, access to catch-up video on its official website.