the Firefox OS smartphone 25 dollars not enough to counter Android

the Firefox OS smartphone 25 dollars not enough to counter Android

The platform Firefox OS was designed as a flexible system that takes advantage of HTML5 which could be compared to Android on the entry level by offering smartphones at very attractive prices. The Mozilla Foundation had made a strong start in 2014 by unveiling a 3G smartphone project not to cost more than 25 dollars.

The miracle was to be accomplished in collaboration with the Chinese mobile chip maker Spreadtrum which adapted one of its entry-level processors to the project. Despite doubts about the smartphone feasibility at such a low price, an Indian model Intel Cloud FX was born at a slightly increased rate of $ 33.

Firefox OS smartphone 25 dollars

The strategy aimed to offer an alternative to entry-level Android in emerging markets with the idea of ​​subsequently switching to more sophisticated models, still running FireFox OS. Unfortunately, a year and a half after the project was announced, an email from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, published by, suggests that the strategy did not work.

firefox-os He observes that the price argument is ultimately not enough to arouse the hoped interest and takeoff of FireFox OS and that the 25 dollar smartphone project will not be completed. The CEO announces that he wants to take a new step with a Ignit initiativee which must put the accent on the functionalities … and allow to run the main Android mobile apps on Firefox OS.

We find the need to have flagship applications to appeal to consumers and, failing to see developers already busy with iOS and Android interested in Firefox OS, to go get them where they are.

It may not be to offer the entire Android catalog but probably the essential applications requested by users. Chris Beard thus evokes a focus on a "small number of key applications".