The Interview is a recipe. Sony boss reports vicious cyber attack

the film The Interview will be diffused in one way or another

Target for group action Guardians of Peace which resulted in massive data hacking in Sony Pictures, the film The Interview, whose humorous and parodic plot is organized around the assassination attempt of the leader of the North Korea, will ultimately not be shown in theaters.

The-Interview-film A few days before its launch, the group of hackers made threats against cinema operators as well as against spectators who, without being taken completely seriously, justified the abandonment of its distribution in cinemas.

If some exhibitors were willing to maintain the broadcast, hoping for an amplified effect of public curiosity, a significant number of them expressed reservations about the screening of the film, fearing overflows or worse. A return of the film to theaters remains possible, but negotiations promise to be difficult.

However, and as protests against a form of censorship emerge, Sony Pictures has already announced that it still intends to distribute the film. The question now is to know by what channels. Not being broadcast in theaters, it could be offered on VOD platforms like Netflix but the risk is that these in turn become the target of cyberattacks.

It is not certain either that these same platforms accept to diffuse this controversial film with the danger of engaging their brand image and having to justify themselves. The Wall street journal observes that no VOD service seems to have taken the step of broadcasting and that Sony also does not plan to broadcast it on its own service Crackle.

Sony Pictures only says to study all the options at its disposal before defining a strategy. In the hours announcing the abandonment of theatrical release, several personalities proposed to broadcast The Interview by streaming from their site or blog.