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The exploitation of firmware 1.1.3 has started!

The Dev team (team of hackers) has indeed started to look into 1.1.3 firmware operation that they have had in their possession for a short time.


On the Hackint0sh forum, we can already observe since yesterday evening, a significant advance in the works:

The baseband iPhones (which were unlocked under 1.1.2 non-native and then updated to 1.1.3) does not evolve.

Regarding native 1.1.2 iPhones (bootloader 4.6):

– The secpack firmware 1.1.3 is currently under review. (the operation had taken a week for firmware 1.1.1)

The Dev team is therefore indeed in possession of the firmware 1.1.3. The holiday season is now over, we should certainly see results soon.

Please be assured that Belgium iPhone will keep you informed of the progress of hackers' work.

We discuss it on the forum.

@ Alex