the exclusive New 3DS RPG on video

the exclusive New 3DS RPG on video


Nintendo has put online a presentation trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, the new Wii game on New 3DS, the manufacturer's new portable console model.

Originally released on Wii a few years ago, Xenoblade Chronicles presents itself as one of the best Japanese RPGs of recent times. The title of Monolith Soft is preparing to make a comeback as part of a ported to New 3DS.

Xenoblade - 2 "height =" 131 "width =" 233Effectively, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D presents itself as the first game exclusive to the brand new model of portable console from Nintendo, thus exploiting its improved performance and controls embellished with a second analog stick and new triggers.

The publisher has published a new video of the game which emphasizes the universe of this role-playing game, as well as its dynamic battles and its charismatic characters.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will go on sale April 2, 2015 in Europe.