The Epic Games Store welcomes Spotify, its first non-video game application

The Epic Games Store no longer wants to be content with video games. Indeed, the platform welcomes its first software unrelated to the media, since it is Spotify. A strong message sent to the rest of the tech industry, especially Apple, with which Epic has been at war for a few months.


When you open the Epic Games Store, you expect to find games, some of which are free. Especially since at the moment, the platform is betting a lot on it by offering one headline per day for 15 days. However, it is diversifying by now welcoming software unrelated to the video game medium.

The Epic Games Store can now download Spotify, the famous music streaming platform. This is the desktop version on PC, the same that can be found for download on the official site. However, the important thing is not there.

Spotify signs the arrival of non-gaming software on the Epic Games Store, which could thus go beyond its simple status as an online store reserved for gamers. Epic is sending a strong message to the industry: it is a platform that intends to impose itself everywhere. She wants so frontally attack the PlayStore and especially the AppStore on their ground (even if we are not on the same supports).

Epic Games goes to war with Apple

In addition, the choice of Spotify as the first application is not trivial. This is a well-known and recognized service. Spotify, just like Epic Games, is cold with Apple about the conditions of use of its online store.

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Indeed, both blame Apple for the 30% commission applied on all in-app purchases. Epic Games also tried to bypass this system last summer via its Fortnite game. The sanction was not long in coming: the title was excluded from the store.

Epic Games claims a commission on its store, but up to 12% (which allowed it to attract developers to the detriment of Steam, which also applies 30%). A situation that could appeal to developers, especially if Epic decides to also offer applications on platforms other than Windows 10. A case to follow.