The end of spoilers thanks to Google?


Google intends to participate in the fight against spoilers. If he could make friends with fans of TV series, the American glove would on the other hand risk being, once again, pointed at by the fervent defenders of private life.

Many television series fans from the United States fear spoilers, these writings or videos that tell you the end or an important moment of a season. The time lag between different countries means that viewers end a season when others barely start it. Social networks, where information travels quickly, increase the risk of spoiler.

That's why Google was working on the issue with technology to determine how far viewers are in the series. It would then allow hide information deemed disturbing and warn the person that she risks spoiler. Then she is free to ignore it. Some will not fail to mention a umpteenth collection of data for the American giant, and others a form of censorship.

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The technology has in any case recently been the subject of a patent application. If no commercial application is mentioned for the moment, we can not help thinking of exploitation via the offer Google Fiber, which we’re already talking aboutanalyze the programs watched for targeted advertising. It would therefore only be one more exploitation for the data already collected.