The Eee Box HD in June in France

The Eee Box HD in June in France

Image 1: The Eee Box HD in June in France

The next Asus Eee Box will arrive in France in June. A date a little distant all the same when we know that Acer is preparing to arrive on the nettop market in May with its Aspire Revo (more info).

The power of Ati in a Box

To counter the Acer PC based on an Atom processor and a dedicated graphics card (GeForce 9400MGS), Asus therefore launches its big artillery with the B208. This nettop was in the boxes for several months (EEE Box: Vista and large graphics card). It runs on an Atom 330 processor from Intel.

We keep the classic 1 GB of RAM and 160 GB of disk space. The little revolution is located on the graphic part which is equipped here with a Radeon HD 4350. This latest generation card has an HDMI output, enough to watch your personal movies in HD.

Unchanged design

In addition, Asus has also integrated Wi-Fi n into its machine. Note the presence of a remote control in the bundle. This will make the B208 a true media center. On the design side, we stay on the same model as the current versions of the Eee Box. It remains to know the price and the result of the match between the B208 and the Revo.