The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer is at a bargain price for a limited time!

Are you looking for an ergonomic and efficient stabilizer for your smartphone? The following Amazon tip may interest you! The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer for smartphones is the subject of a reduction of 28% as part of a flash sale allowing to have it at 79 € instead of 109 €.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Nothing like a smartphone stabilizer if you want to shoot quality videos and photos. DJI, a world leader in the production of civilian drones, also offers excellent stabilizers. After an already very successful and convincing Osmo Mobile 2, it returns with its latest model, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, which promises even better performance than its predecessor.

The latter offers a design designed for optimal handling. Very light, it weighs only 405 grams and can be used for hours (15 hours of autonomy) thanks to its battery with a capacity of 405 mAh. It is equipped with a USB -A port and a USB Type C port for charging. It can also be used to charge your smartphone since it also acts as an external battery.

We find creative shooting modes such as Panorama for whole scenes shots with automatic 3 × 3 and 180 degree panoramas, Timelapse which allows time and movement to be condensed to obtain, with great ease, breathtaking results as well as a slow motion that allows you to capture the smallest details of movements.

Another novelty that sets it apart from the Osmo Mobile 2 is that this Osmo Mobile 3 is foldable, which makes it even easier to carry. For an optimal experience, it is advisable to use the DJI Mimo application which allows you to explore more functions and push your creativity even further. Finally, the Osmo Mobile 3 is compatible with smartphones from 62 to 88 mm in width and up to 9.5 mm in thickness.

For 79.99 euros, this smartphone stabilizer is undoubtedly the best value for money of the moment and a connected high-tech object to own without hesitation for fans of photos and videos on mobile.