The design of the AirTags is shown in 360 ° in a pairing animation

The AirTags are unveiled a little more this Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Thanks to information from a source at Apple, the renowned leaker Jon Prosser has unveiled the 3D animation that will be displayed on the screen of your iPhone during pairing with an AirTags.

apple airtags
Credits: Front Page Tech

You probably read it in our columns this Tuesday, January 5. Apple is preparing to launch the AirPods Pro Lite, Apple Glass and AirTags in 2021. And precisely concerning the famous Apple trackers, the famous leaker Jon Prosser has just unveiled no more and no less what presents itself as the “official” design of the trackers.

In fact, in his last video on YouTube, the insider explains that he got his hands on the 3D animation of AirTags that will be displayed on the screen of an iPhone during pairing. According to him, this animation comes from a trusted source who works as a software engineer at Apple. The design of the AirTags is very close to the first concepts revealed by Jon Prosser in September 2020.

Also according to information from the insider, AirTags are already ready to be marketed. It also refers to the various mentions of AirTags found in the beta of iOS 14.3. Why are they not yet available in this case? For Jon Prosser, Apple is slow to launch AirTags due to the current pandemic.

To work, AirTags rely on the Apple ecosystem. They are designed to react with other people’s iPhones. Indeed, when you pass near a lost AirTag, your iPhone will display an alert informing you that you are near an AirTag. This is the whole point of the Apple tracker: being able to find an object lost in the park, in the restaurant, in the shopping center by relying on the gigantic park of Apple users.

Only, we do not teach you anything by telling you that these trackers are useless if everyone is confined to their homes. In fact and still according to Jon Prosser, Apple is simply waiting for the health situation to improve in several countries, the United States in the lead, before launching AirTags.

As a reminder, Samsung could launch the Galaxy Smart Tags in 2021, Bluetooth trackers comparable to what Apple offers with AirTags. For now, we must admit that Apple remains a winner on design.