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The creators of Angry Birds on a new franchise

The creators of Angry Birds on a new franchise

Rovio, the Finnish studio behind Angry Birds, said that he was working on a new franchise "other than Angry Birds." In practice, this would be the first game from a different universe and certainly a very big risk for the company.

The monstrous success of Angry Birds has certainly given wings to the small Finnish company Rovio, but also puts a standard pressure on the studio for the launch of its second franchise. So far, Rovio has been content to grow, develop sequels of its flagship series, portages on all media and sign agreements for derivative objects.

The company now looks set to launch its second franchise, which apparently has nothing to do with Angry Birds and will land on the App Store in a few months. Difficult to imagine what it is all about, but given the studio's attraction for simple concepts, we can expect a title in the vein of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. Some clarifications on this new project should in any case clarify us in the coming weeks.

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(Source: TouchArcade)