The creator of Diablo wants to launch “It Lurks Below”, his homemade game, on Steam

The creator of Diablo wants to launch “It Lurks Below”, his homemade game, on Steam

Image 1: The creator of Diablo wants to launch

The game developer David Brevik, to whom we owe Diablo, but also other nuggets from Blizzard North and Gazillion Entertainment, will be released It Lurks Below, an action-RPG game with a definitively retro look, through its independent studio Graybeard Games.

It Lurks Below, compared to what he was able to do at Blizzard, will be a small production. And for good reason ! Since Mr. Brevik did everything himself, graphics, music, and of course, programming. The game has been in active development for a year, and he was much more ambitious at first, but Mr Brevik had to lower his ambitions if he really wanted to be able to market his game one day.

It Lurks Below will offer three game modes: a normal mode, an easier “creative” mode, and the hardcore or permadeath mode. It will be a 2D game with horizontal scrolling in which the player will explore randomly generated levels. It will combine a Diablo game mechanic in a world of type Minecraft in which the player can dig and build. The player will be equipped with a wand, to fight his enemies, and a pickaxe, to dig. Each weapon, object or enemy will have its own statistics and attributes, as in the Diablo series, where each monster had its specificities. The game will, of course, offer many objects and treasures to collect.

“I will add things as I go along It Lurks Below, I’m going to listen to the community and the comments, to make sure the game is as good as possible, “said the programmer.

David Brevik would like to market It Lurks Below sure Steam this year.

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