the connected cocktail machine that hits the mark on Kickstarter

the connected cocktail machine that hits the mark on Kickstarter

It was on Kickstarter that the Somabar project was launched, a system which takes advantage of the current craze for 100% connected objects and which presents itself as an alternative to tea or coffee machines for the general public.

Somabar Here, it is a question of proposing a robotic station capable of making cocktails with precision. The robot connects to any smartphone or tablet to prepare cocktails according to predefined recipes, or preferences (with or without alcohol, modified recipes for more sugar, removing a specific fruit juice …), each glass being prepared in 5 seconds.

The machine has several tanks to accommodate strong alcohols, water, fruit juice … It will be necessary to configure its application to indicate which ingredient Somabar 1is located in each tank, then the machine will do the rest.

The application should therefore not offer mixtures that are impossible to produce, but only those possible depending on the ingredients present in sufficient quantity in the machine.

A patent protects the mixing chamber which acts as a shaker, and the internal is cleaned by the circulation of rinsing water between each glass served. Each cocktail can be personalized according to several alcohol levels. The user can even keep a history of drinks consumed during the evening to get an idea of ​​the amount of alcohol ingested.

The machine is very successful, since it has already collected more than three times the amount needed to manufacture it while it is only halfway through its campaign. It will take almost 700 dollars to afford the final version when it is released next year.