The classic iPod celebrates 15 years

The classic iPod celebrates 15 years

Apple iPod Touch 5GThe iPod is already 15 years old, an eternity nowadays. It was obviously Steve Jobs who presented it on the 3rd October 2001. The iPod has put away the walkmans including the famous Walkman Sony with an ergonomic interface and a stylish product.

The iPod was not totally created by Apple since as often, the company of fire Steve Jobs had bought a startup of the corner named PortalPlayer who was already playing music. For the record, the iPhone was designed in the same way by buying the startup Fingerworks who had patented a multitouch interface.

While the iPod was designed in just 8 months, it was then a worldwide success and dozens of variations and evolutions: iPod with physical wheel, with touch wheel, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, etc. For information, the iPod was designed by Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey, and designed by a certain Jonathan Ive.

Although it is about to die (Apple selling more than the iPod Touch 6G without evolving), the iPod is also behind iTunes, the home-made software to do everything.

We're still waiting for the next revolutionary product like the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone or the iPad.

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