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The Cinquime Avenue Apple Store under construction

The Cinquime Avenue Apple Store under construction

Renovation work has started for the New York Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. A site whose cost would be estimated at 6.6 million dollars.

The Apple Store located on Fifth Avenue New York is undoubtedly the emblematic place of the Cupertino company among the more than 320 stores distributed around the world. Very popular with tourists and residents of New York, this place which is nicknamed "the glass cube" is now being renovated. According to the site ifoAppleStore, documents from the city’s Department of Buildings have revealed that Apple is planning to spend as much as $ 6.6 million on this work. If the details of the site have not been communicated, it would be a question of having the glass structure lifted, making arrangements on the square located just in front of Central Park, then putting the structure down.

It remains to be seen whether the design of the exterior of this iconic Apple Store will change? The work has already started and should continue until November. The shop remains accessible to customers, however.

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[Source: ifoAppleStore | Photo credit: Apple Insider ]

Photos of the works: