The CDMA iPhone would also be 4G compatible?

The CDMA iPhone would also be 4G compatible?

There are endless rumors about the upcoming release of a new iPhone compatible with the "CDMA" network standard. If he believes it MacDailyNews, this iPhone already exists would also be compatible with the LTE (4G) network standard.

The information comes from an internal source at Verizon who allegedly said that several teams had received training last week for the sale of the iPhone. During this training, the iPhone was not only compatible with “CDMA” but also with the LTE (4G) network standard.

Rumors indicate that it would have been the will of Steve Jobs and his partner so that this model could offer an important selling point compared to the current model. Especially since the operator could benefit exclusively from the start of the marketing of this new model which would be available immediately in stores after its announcement, rumored to start in January.

Even if the deployment of the LTE network within Verizon is seriously delayed (Steve Jobs would put pressure on it), this fifth generation iPhone would switch to the “CDMA” network when the “new network” is out of door.

Finally, for us Europeans, it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 5 will be compatible with our network standards. One could imagine that Apple's strategy would be to produce – by ease – a single model of iPhone but of the quad-band type?

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