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The car connects, the new Eldorado for advertisers?

a partnership around the autonomous vehicle

This year, automakers were in the spotlight at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Most of them presented their latest prototypes of connected cars: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ford… In short, each one was of their own model. So much so that for many observers or visitors to the show, 2015 will be the year of the connected car. A perspective that whets advertisers' appetite. For what reasons ?

The promise of the connected car for the future of mobile advertising

  • The car, an everyday object with high potential for advertisers

The car has all the attributes to arouse the lust of players in new technologies and advertisers: anchoring on a global scale, high availability on the part of their owner and a predisposition to new technologies. Without forgetting that from the end of 2017, all new cars in Europe must have a SIM card in order to be equipped with the emergency call system called eCall. According to the McKinsey firm, the value of this sector will amount to 175 billion euros in 2020. What to turn heads!

  • Like the smartphone, the car is in the crosshairs of Apple and Google

Jules-MinvielleApple and Google, in particular, cultivate the ambition to transform the car in order to make it suitable for advertising. Two major reasons convince them to embark on this very ambitious project.

First of all, the habits of drivers contain first-rate data that are largely monetizable: daily journey, neighborhoods crossed, favorite radio station, etc. Then, being present in the car means avoiding breaking the link with the user and meeting a driver's need on which the manufacturers have failed: providing them with an operating system (OS) that is pleasant to use during their conduct.

In the race to transform the car, Apple and Google are level playing field

Apple and Google compete on the following two fronts:

Apple is characterized by a closed environment when Google advocates openness. In other words, the Apple operating system is only available on Apple-stamped devices, while that of Google is distributed among Samsung, HTC, ZTE, LG, etc. This limits the number of operating systems. However Google has the advantage of equipping 80% of smartphones thanks to its operating system.

The relationship with the connected car? Users who want to synchronize their car with their phone will therefore naturally go to the brand on their phone.

  • Data and its protection

If Google has considerable know-how in the collection and exploitation of data, this advantage can quickly become a handicap because the subject of the confidentiality of personal data has become a real public issue.

And in this game Apple enjoys a better reputation. Indeed, the apple crunch firm has equipped its new iPhones with an encryption system for personal data so effective that the FBI presented it as a potential obstacle to its investigations. Apple advantage.

Having laid the foundations for vehicle transformation, what opportunities will it offer advertisers?

The new possibilities of mobile advertising

  • The right promotion at the right time and to the right person

Tomorrow thanks to the development of connected objects, a fast food chain on the usual route of a motorist will be able to send him a promotion on the screen of his vehicle in accordance with his expectations. It is an extension of what advertisers appreciate with mobile advertising: the ability to get the right message to the right place, at the right time and to the right person.

  • The driverless car, the advertiser's ultimate dream

Still in the testing phase in some American states, driverless cars are certainly the dream vehicle for advertisers. This new car, like the train or the plane, would release the driver from any obligation of vigilance, making it available in the same advertising formats as a viewer. The relevance of the context in addition.

The scenario described in this forum is not fictitious. The leaps made by players in innovation and new technologies are a real opportunity for advertisers because they give them the means to correct faults that consumers no longer want. Hopefully with the development of the connected car, they will succeed in accomplishing what they are just beginning to achieve on smartphones: promote their advertising messages with intelligence, with respect for the consumer.