The big words censored on Beats 1

The big words censored on Beats 1

Apple NewsIn the United States, we do not joke with obscenities. On TV or radio, "beeps" cover all the time the insults and it is also true for the music.

Strangely, Apple has decided to adopt this position even internationally for its online radio Beats 1. As noted by Buzzfeed during a mix of Zane Lowe, the song Let me ride Dr. Dre has been purged 30 words (nigga, fuckin, motherfuckin, bitches …), to make room for a white instead.

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Apple has also confirmed this desire with Buzzfeed, explaining wanting to apply it in all countries where its service is present.

If we can understand this choice for a service that is a family service, we can only regret that Apple does not propose to cancel this option, like that proposed by Pandora.

Obviously, do not worry, this policy only concerns Beats 1 and not songs streaming on Apple Music. There you can listen quietly and in full, "I just wanna fuck you"Dre for example.

Moreover, if there was to be a French song with insults on Beats 1, one wonders if Apple's teams would apply the same censorship.