The best travel apps to save time and spend less money on your trip

The best travel apps to save time and spend less money on your trip

The best travel apps to save time and spend less money on your trip

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There's nothing more exhilarating than going abroad with a backpack and improvising your day-to-day trip. But we don't all have the guts to be as adventurous, and we usually organize trips at least a little to avoid unpleasant surprises .Our smartphones can give our planning a boost with many apps specially designed for travelers and tourists. Here are the best travel apps for Android.

Ideal for administrators: Google Trips

Planning a trip involves many mobile parts, tickets, reservations, billing routes, maps, etc. Google Trips usefully consolidates your email information (travel routes, flight details, hotel and car reservations, guided tours, etc.) and sorts them by routes.

In addition, the app provides recommended day plans and sightseeing activities based on your local tastes, interests and information. If, like many of us, you are already sharing a large amount of personal information with Google Panoptics, you might also Make it work well during your vacation. Trips allows you to save travel details locally on your smartphone for offline use.

Google Trips Trip Planner Google Trips Trip Planner

In addition to Trips, Google also provides another handy tool for travelers in the form of its appMy Maps, which allows you to add colored tabs to your Google Maps and plot routes for offline use wherever you are.

Google MyMaps Google MyMaps

Ideal for air travel: Skyscanner

If you want to travel a long distance, flying is the best solution. Skyscanner is the best application for flights. You can check flight dates directly from your smartphone. You can choose your destination, find the cheapest airline and book free flights.

Skyscanner travel deals Skyscanner travel deals

Ideal for carpooling: BlaBlaCar

You may know that the cost (and comfort) of public transport may not be enough, but fortunately there are a few alternatives. Carpool is booming and there are many apps to make this easier, but BlaBlaCar is the best. You can use another person to drive you to the destination of your choice, at an additional cost to the owner of the car.

BlaBlaCar - Carpooling & BlaBlaBus BlaBlaCar - Carpooling & BlaBlaBus

Ideal for car navigation: Waze

Of course, you can travel with your own car. This allows you to carry more things than taking a plane, train, or someone else's vehicle. The downside is that the success of the trip depends in part of your navigation skills. If you know the route well, this will not be a problem, but if you are visiting Santa Fe for the first time, you may have navigation problems. Fortunately, there are many GPS applications for you. help reach your destinations.Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps on Android.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic & Real Time Navigation Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic & Real Time Navigation

Ideal for accommodation: Airbnb

So you've solved the transportation problem and set your dates. Now there is only the question of accommodation: where will you stay? Again, Android can help. You can of course find a hotel via Google Maps or, if you live in a big city, book a hotel directly. Another option is to go through Airbnb. If you're unlucky, you might have some surprises, but overall, it's a good system.

Airbnb Airbnb

Ideal for comparing hotels: Trivago

If you prefer hotels from other people's apartments, then Trivago is insured. Trivago lets you search and compare hotel rooms virtually anywhere in the world. It extracts data from hundreds of sites around the world, you thus allowing to benefit from the best price for a room or a suite in hotels or inns.

trivago: compare hotels trivago: compare hotels

Perfect for tracking the weather: The Weather Channel

So, you have successfully arrived at your destination and you have settled in an adequate accommodation. Starting tomorrow, the holidays can start. It's best to think about the weather before planning an activity, because the weather can change quickly. Many Android phones have pre-installed weather apps. Of course, you can install another app if your The mto prinstalle app is not for you. The Weather Channel app is one of the most popular.

Weather Forecast: The Weather Channel Weather Forecast: The Weather Channel

Ideal for language: Google Translate

Of course, you were responsible and mastered the local language with Duolingo or Babbel before you arrived, right? No one is perfect, and even the most assiduous of us will come across unexpected language barriers, and that's where Google Translate comes in handy. It's not just to quickly find the words people say to you.Holdjust your camera against the mysterious text – like a sign, an instruction manual or a menu – and Google will translate it for you. It can be a real lifeline.

Google Translate Google Translate

Best choice of restaurants: Yelp

If you're going somewhere, chances are you'll find restaurants in the standard chain, but what if you want to venture outside the norm and try some local cuisine – but how to avoid Have a bad experience? Fortunately, there are apps that can tell you what other travelers have thought of certain restaurants. Yelp gives you notes on how popular a restaurant is, who went there and what they Have thought of the establishment. Of course, what is true for some may not be for others, but this allows you to get an idea.

Yelp Yelp

What travel apps do you use?Let us know in the comments.

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