The best tips and tricks of OnePlus One

The best tips and tricks of OnePlus One

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Kamehameha !!! AndroidPIT

Article originally published on February 24, 2015.

Released in April of the year 2014, the OnePlus One will surely be the most difficult Android smartphone to get in 2014 … The reason? Its value for money more than interesting, about 269 euros for the model 16 GB and 299 euros for the model 64 GB. So much so, you are more and more have managed to get your hands on this superb smartphone, which no keeps blowing competition. Relatively interesting prices, knowing that OnePlus Two could come to take over in 2015. Remain waiting for an official confirmation.

To get to the heart of the matter, we've chosen the 10 tips and tricks that we hope will help you improve your everyday user experience. For the brief presentation, we will explain how to wake up your smartphone when the screen is dyed, but also how to change thumbnails of quick settings in the status bar, how to block unwanted contacts calls, how to block notifications during a certain time, among many other things. If you have other tips, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

How to wake up or lull the device

Pushed on Android by LG, the Knock-On feature had more or less been a small revolution in the middle, and this, while many considered it a gadget. As time went on, the functionality was adopted by some other manufacturers, but also especially by ROM Customs and application developers. For example, a root terminal without custom ROMs can also benefit from this functionality from third-party applications. But here, the autonomy of the device can severely take a hit, because it has no optimization whatsoever to reduce the consumption of this function in the background.

android oneplus one support double knock on image 00
Double support to wake up or lull the device to sleep. AndroidPIT

To get more into the technique, the feature you are talking about allows you to wake up your smartphone by doing double support when the screen is dyed, or vice versa. Indeed, the second interesting point is that you can also put the smartphone to sleep by making a double support on the screen, well almost. Where it is possible to tap anywhere on the screen for the eye function, the function opposing it to fall asleep will only be functional on the status bar (located at the top of the screen) or else the help of the locking ring.

To enable these two features, go to:

  • Settings> Display and LED> Advanced Settings> then Dual Support for …

How to block unwanted calls

to be honest, it turns out that most of the devices installed on Android have natively the call blocking feature of undesirable people, but it lacks a real detailed, concise and accessible manager, and this is precisely what offered by the OnePlus One under CyanogenMod 11S.

android oneplus one blacklist image 00
The undesirable contacts can be blocked and easily grs. AndroidPIT

In addition to being able to block unwanted contact calls, be aware that it is also possible to block calls and messages – either or both – from private and / or unknown numbers – one or the other one or both – wish. When a blocked contact is called, you can even be alerted by a notification.

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Personal> Privacy> Blacklist

How to change the quick settings of the status bar

If you have trouble opening the quick settings at once, you can access them on all mobile devices in one way or another by pulling two fingers simultaneously on it and / or placing your finger on the right of the bar and pulling it down. As for the OnePlus One, the method that works is the second and, in addition, you can also change the thumbnails that are displayed there.

android oneplus one quick settings image 00
Quick settings are easily editable. AndroidPIT

To do this, simply click on the small "+" at the top right of the status bar. From there, you can choose the quick options to display or not. For details, you can choose to show or hide options such as Network ADB, Camera, Percentage of Battery, Compass, Bluetooth, Stretched Desktop, Mobile Data, Shutdown. Notch, Quiet Hours, Torch, Location, LTE 4G, Brightness, Standby, Airplane Mode, Network Mode, NFC, Floating Notifications and more …

To interact with this feature, go to:

  • Drag the status bar> Go to the second tab> Click on "+"> then Add or tap and hold a thumbnail to move it

How to block notifications during a period of time

Do you like to keep your mobile on when you sleep, but you do not want to be drang by any notification? Be aware that CyanogenMod 11S is also able to block them for a certain amount of time thanks to the "Quiet Hours" feature.

android oneplus one silent hours image 00
In a meeting? The "Quiet Hours" option is for you! AndroidPIT

Clearly, this option allows you to force the silent mode during the period you have previously configured on your OnePlus One. In addition to being able to block notifications, you can also block haptic feedback from keys, vibration and notification light.

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Device> Sound> Automation & Effects> then Quiet Hours

How to quickly launch the camera

If you want to make beautiful spontaneous photographs with your OnePlus One, you must then be able to launch it in the second, and this, although the device has no button for this effect. In short, the solution found by the CyanogenMod team is to open the camera by making a gesture on the screen.

To take an example, you can configure the "Home" key on the camera. By pressing and holding down twice, the camera application will open without warning, but you can also do it with all the other physical keys of the OnePlus One. Super, no?

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Device> Buttons> scroll down the list

There is another way to trigger the opening of the camera, but it is necessary that the notch of the mobile is dyed beforehand. If this is the case, you can try now by treading a circle on the screen and letting the magic work. Most practical, you will tell me!

android oneplus one shortcuts quick launch camera camera image 00
A simple shortcut to launch the camera in 2 seconds! / AndroidPIT

To enable this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Personalization> Gestures> then Camera
android oneplus one widget camera camera screen vero image 00
Small preview of the "Camera" widget on the locked screen. AndroidPIT

If you are a fan of the photo, you can also add the famous widget to the camera on the locked screen. To trigger it, simply turn on the notch and pull the notch in the left or right corner.

To enable this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Customization> Lock Screen> then select Device Widget

How to use the profile system

Most likely, access to profile managers is relatively simple. First, you must know that the feature can be active or disabled. And as if that were not enough, you can also add additional profiles, but the default ones are: Automobile, Office, Default, House, Night, Silent.

android oneplus one profiles image 00
Several modes previously available, you can also add! AndroidPIT

Since these famous profiles, you can really manage everything, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Synchronization of data in the background, Alarms, Notifications, Mode airplane and many other things. Short. In addition to being able to create profiles, CyanogenMod's team did not forget to include an option to delete any profile.

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Personal> then Profiles

How to change the theme

In the same way as the profiles, the theme of your OnePlus One can also be modified. Clearly, there are packs of complete themes that change the entire interface in one go or the manual modification of the hand. In a more explicit way, you can choose the Style, Icons, Write Font, Screen Fund, Lock Screen Background, Boot Animation and Sound Pack.

android oneplus one themes image 00
Four available, but you can modify them according to your desires. / AndroidPIT

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Customization> then Themes

How to manage the notification diode

Also called LED notifications, the diode dedicated to alerts is a very important point on a smartphone, which allows you to miss any information arriving on your smartphone. On the OnePlus One, CyanogenMod has developed a ddi menu – which should also be natively integrated into the Android Stock version – which gives the option of handling pulse duration, speed and color for all notifications. As if that was not enough, the OnePlus One also allows you to choose the color for missed calls, voice messages and even Android applications! "Sea they are crazy!" (geek expression …).

android oneplus one notification light image 00
The diode ddies to the notifications is ultra-modifiable! AndroidPIT

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Device> Display and LED> Brightness> then Notification LED

How to take a screenshot (image and video)

After a few tries, the standard method of Android to do a screen capture works perfectly. Simply put, press the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons simultaneously. Once the screen capture is done, your screen will flash in a frame. To find the screen capture, go directly to the Gallery application, then "screenshot".

That said, there is another method, developed by CyanogenMod, that allows you to take a screen shot by long pressing the "Power" key and selecting Screen Capture. After clicking, this action will immediately trigger the screen capture which will also be stuck in your "screenshot" folder.

android oneplus one capture screen stop button screenshot image 00
Another way to make screenshots. / AndroidPIT

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Settings> Buttons> On / Off Button> then On / Off Menu

If you still want to go even further, a third possibility will allow you, in the manner of Fraps and other similar software on PC, to record the screen and the audio of your smartphone to transcribe it as a video . As it is, this option may seem completely useless to you, but it is for developers of applications who want to make a trailer or for testers who test applications or games.

android oneplus one screencast image 00
Screencast, a Fraps like on CyanogenMod. Awesome! / AndroidPIT

To discover this feature, go to:

  • Application menu> then open the application "Screencast"

How to improve autonomy

Although we have already made a number of articles that allow you to maximize the autonomy of your Android device, there are nevertheless some small tips and tricks that can improve considerably.

As a first step, it is important to reduce the time to sleep on the screen. This option can be accessed from Settings> Device> Display and LED> and then Sleep.

In parallel, you can also change the current Dalvik execution engine for ART in the options given to developers (located in the "Applications" section at the bottom of the list). To unlock this hidden menu, go to "About the phone" and click several times on "Build number". After four or five consecutive times, your mobile will unlock the menu dedicated to options for developers.

Just below this famous menu dedicated to options for developers, you can see the menu "Performance". From there, also note that you can change the profile of the processor and choose the option "energy saving" or choose the "powersave" option located in Processor> Strategy.

If you are that pinch point on the autonomy of your OnePlus One, it turns out that some users have complained that the feature "Double support to wake up the notch" could have an impact on autonomy. Starting from the fact that it is a permanent feature that runs in the background, it's a bit logical.

There are still other ways to optimize the autonomy, the installation of an application to manage autonomy can also help. All information on this subject is available in our article ddi.

So, were these little tips helpful? Do you have others to share with us?

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