The best tips and tricks for the Sony Xperia Z2

The best tips and tricks for the Sony Xperia Z2

The Z2 is not the last generation, but it can make shade the best current smartphones. Its autonomy, its camera and its notch are excellent. Did you know for example that it can be used with any pencil? How about making it even better? That's what we offer you with the best tips and tricks for the Sony Xperia Z2.

Sony Xperia z2 lapis caneta
The Xperia Z2 can be used with a pen or pencil. AndroidPIT

Xperia Z2 tips and tricks – Tap to wake up

Like LG devices, the last Sony's notch can be "waking up" when you tap on it. This is very useful because it allows you to turn on the screen to check for any notifications or just read the time with one hand. No need to press the power button.

To enable this option on the Xperia Z2: parameters > Viewing > Tap to wake up.

Xperia Z2 tips and tricks – Customization

The Xperia UI interface is rather pure: it's pure Android with a slight aesthetic, in a good way. On the other hand, the possibilities of personalization of the Xperia Z2 are rather long-lived. Most of the options are in the settings, in the submenu personalization.


This menu is, to say the least, concise. It only offers one option, but which option! The intelligent call management makes it possible to take a call simply by wearing the Z2 ear. Shaking the device rejects the call and returning it places it in mute mode. It's all good, but you will not be able to do without it.


Themes are the ideal solution to personalize a device that you start to get tired of. The Xperia Z2 integrates many themes natively, but they are very similar. It is more interesting to vary the pleasures by downloading new themes on Sony Select or simply on the Google Play Store.

sony xperia z2 tricks tips 1
Xperia themes are a bit simple, download new ones! AndroidPIT

From the submenu themesyou will have access to a number of options, including the ability to download new themes.


You most likely know this option. In the ddi menu on the Xperia Z2, you will find animated screens and other photos to change this style so typical of Xperia.

Manage notifications

With the Stamina mode on which we will return, the Xperia Z2's notification manager is my favorite feature. You can simply disable notifications for some apps. This is all the more practical as the menu is easily accessible. For example, you can increase the sound of ringtones when you wait for a call, without being harassed by Twitter.

sony xperia z2 tips tips 2
Not all applications are worthy of your attention, just select the ones that interest you. AndroidPIT

In addition, an intelligent management of the notifications makes it possible to save the battery of rather sensitive way. This is very suitable for games a little intrusive, which send a lot of publicity for example.

Icons of the state bar

If like me you are a maniac of the clean and without icons, the Xperia Z2 is for you. This option allows you to choose which application will be present in this bar, when information about it is available. This is useful because some icons go completely unnoticed among others.

xperia z2 icons barra status
Knowing that bluetooth is active is useless if you use it continuously. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks of the Xperia Z2 – Automatic silent mode at night

Smart Connect is Sony's profile management application. It allows you a particularly useful thing is to switch to silent mode automatically depending on the time of day or night. No more nights interspersed with ringtones, all because you have forgotten to dye your smartphone that is in another room!

To access Smart Connect profiles, simply launch the application and activate the mode Night.

sony xperia z2 tips tips 3
Smart Connect is a simple and effective application. AndroidPIT

Xperia Z2 tips and tricks – edit documents and photos with Sketch

Sketch is not just a gadget with which we play for two minutes just after dacking our new Sony Xperia Z2. The application allows especially to add notes of documents or images. Once launched, you can take a picture directly from Sketch to edit it. The idea is to be able to note additional information, to remember it or share it on the moment.

androidpit sony experia z2 tips 7
My Scott colleague, for example, takes very useful notes for the work. AndroidPIT

Xperia Z2 Tips and Tricks – Transferring Wireless Files

If you have a PC running Windows Vista or later, you can enjoy a particularly convenient Z2 feature. Go to the settings, in the submenu Connectivity Xperia > USB connectivity. Here you can pair your smartphone and your computer to change files, music, videos, photos and anything else you want. The only condition is that the PC and the Xperia Z2 are connected to the same wifi network.

sony xperia z2 tips tips 4
No need to connect his smartphone his PC every morning to change his playlists. AndroidPIT

Xperia Z2 tips and tricks – Stabilize your videos!

A blurred photo, it's a shame. A blurry or constantly shaky video is impossible to watch. Even if the Xperia Z2 poses problems of overheating when recording in 4K, it offers video stabilization. It is simply activated in the video settings of the camera application. This is the same option as for CyberShot cameras of the same brand.

sony xperia z2 tricks tips 6
SteadyShot from Sony is the name of the video stabilization tool, simply. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks of the Xperia Z2 – Better autonomy with the Stamina mode

If you know me a little, you know that Stamina mode and me is a great love story. It simply prevents applications from consuming data or connecting to any wifi network when the smartphone is idle. Do not worry, you can decide which applications can override this prohibition. This option should simply be native to Android.

sony xperia z2 tricks tips 5

Xperia Z2 Tips and Tricks – Connection Sharing

Use connection sharing! If you have a consquent data plan, do not hesitate to connect internet using your Xperia Z2. Tethering, or connection sharing in French, is particularly effective with this device. As on all Android or almost, the option is activated in the settings> Connectivity Xperia > Sharing the line.

Xperia Z2 tips and tricks – Customize quick settings

Quick settings are handy … if they allow you to access what you want. Personalize them by adding the options you use and deleting the others. To do this, simply press and hold an icon to move it and tap edit to add and remove icons ..

According to an article by Camila Rinaldi.

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