The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hide me this Flipboard!

Unless you are a big fan of Flipboard Briefing, the application that replaces My Magazine and keeps coming as soon as you unintentionally make a gesture to the left from your home screen, know that you can disable it. . You can still have Flipboard access, but the shortcut will simply not exist anymore.

  • From your home screen, long press on an empty surface
  • Choose Home screen settings
  • Uncheck the box Flipboard Briefing
samsung galaxy note4 tip 1
Flipboard, yes, shorthand, no! AndroidPIT

Do not lose your S Pen btement

The S Pen, as we saw in our comprehensive test of Note 4, provides additional features that give a value standard to Note 4. No need to detail them, you have probably seen them all as soon as you have received your Note. Otherwise, a quick look at our test will reveal its secrets. Do not lose your S Pen by forgetting on a table: an option can alert you if you go away from your pen!

  • Go in Settings> S Pen
  • Check the box S Pen Alerts
samsung galaxy note4 tip 2
It would be stupid to lose that dear S Pen! AndroidPIT

Use S Health (disabled by default)

We will continue to say: S Health is a real plus on the Samsung range since the arrival of the S5: just like him, Note 4 also has a cardiofrquencemtre that can be useful for athletes. But not only ! Using S Health is also, small dose, a good way to see how many steps you have done per day, how many calories lost simply by climbing your stairs … A little happiness so easily achieved, why do not it?

  • Go to your application drawer and launch S Health
  • Set the app with your account and your desires
  • That's all !
samsung galaxy note4 tip 4
The S Health app is probably the most complete you can find. / ANDROIDPIT

Use the big Note 4 … a hand

If you decided for a Note 4, is that its format you liked. But when it comes to using Note 4 a hand, you also have the right to go back on your decision! The TouchWiz interface allows you, like the Alpha or the S5, to reduce the size of your screen so that it can be used more easily with the tip of the thumb. Except that, on Note 4, it is clearly an indispensable option.

  • Go in your Settings> Display and Background Screen
  • Choose One hand operation
  • Activate the options you want to use
samsung galaxy note4 tip 5
Once these features are active, simply perform the corresponding gestures to reduce the size of the screen, among others. AndroidPIT

save energy with smart network research

So, if we agree, this is your energy and not that of your smartphone: the one that you will win by avoiding pestering your Note 4 which automatically connects WiFis networks too weak or which, exactly, empties your 4G package by using only the mobile data everything goes. Function Smart Network on the Samsung allows you to switch more easily between the different connections, and so never see the page "No connection" on your smartphone as soon as you are a little too far from your box. Smooth.

  • Go in your Settings> WiFi
  • Enable Smart Network (at the top of the page)
samsung galaxy note4 tip 6
No more WiFi galleys! / ANDROIDPIT

Protect yourself with the Priv Mode

"Hey, do you lend me your Note 2 for two minutes, I'd like to see if Nabila is guilty or not!" As much to say to you that with this kind of friend, one does not necessarily want to share everything of our private life. Nothing more simple: the Priv Mode allows you to protect the information that you want to keep for you (gallery, mail and others) with a few simple settings (which must be made beforehand). You can use a specific unlock code that will open the private mode directly without going for a paranoid.

  • Go in your Settings> Priv Mode
  • Move the contents you want in this mode
  • Set your password or unlock mode
samsung galaxy note4 tip 3
Remember to set your Priv Mode first! AndroidPIT

Make your lock screen more personal

Changing your home screen or lock is probably not a secret for you, it's a breeze. But did you know that you could change the unlocking animation, as well as display the data you want without going through an alternative launcher?

  • Go in your Settings> Lock Screen
  • Edit the information you want in View information
  • Throw a he to Unlocking effects, there are some nice!
samsung galaxy note4 tip 7
Who says more information about your lockscreen says energy saving! AndroidPIT

Stop taking your eyes off

Frankly, am I the only one to find the whites on the Note 4 almost dazzling? We have to lower the brightness, which is frankly a shame. In reality, by default, the settings of the screen are ultra-brilliant and thus give this effect. You can change them, and give this beautiful slab a look a little more yellow: it's a pity, but less aggressive.

  • Go in your Settings> Display and bottom of screen
  • Choose Screen Mode
  • Change Adaptive Display (default) the one that suits you best
samsung galaxy note4 tip 10
Stop burning your eyes! AndroidPIT

Disable S Voice

In fact, to be more precise, it is the shortcut to S Voice that I propose to disable! You know, this blue page that opens as soon as you double-click the Home button? If you're a Google Now user, you'll notice this slight lag that occurs when you click the home button once from your home page: TouchWiz is waiting to see if you're not going to click a second time. If you disable this shortcut, no doubt: your Note 4 will know that it's Google Now you want to use.

  • Go to S Voice and click Settings
  • Dsactivez Open via home key
samsung galaxy note4 tip 8
S Voice or Google Now, my choice is made! AndroidPIT

Charge your Note 4 with eyes closed

So this is more of a practical trick than a hidden feature, but it's all right, right? If like me, you persist plugging your charger in the wrong way, every time, that of Note 4 is for you: a simple slot allows you to get the right side. Simple but effective.

samsung galaxy note4 tip 9
It's not unique, but it's still pretty practical. AndroidPIT

Do you have other tips to share? What do you prefer in Note 4?

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