The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A3 (2017)

The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A3 (2017)

Add / deactivate Game launcher and Game tools

Gamers will undoubtedly see the usefulness of "game launcher" and "game tools". This allows you to disable notifications during your game sessions, or take a screenshot or a video of your game, etc. You can enable / disable all this in just a few taps.

All you need to do is go to the settings, then look for advanced features and enter the "Games" menu. Here you will find the options you are looking for.

tips tricks a3 a5 gaming
Activate / deactivate the game launcher with ease. AndroidPIT

Take photos more easily

On a very large majority of smartphones, you can take a picture simply by using the volume keys. Some of you may prefer to press a button on the screen, and Samsung thought them. You have the option to add a virtual key in the camera, which you can move where you want on the screen of the application camra: tap it and a photo will be taken.

To activate this, simply enter the camera application and enter the settings (the wheel dente at the top right). Scroll down the menu and you will find "Floating Camera Key". Activate it and your button will appear in the camera application.

As a reminder, you can launch the camera by pressing the camera application twice. No need to look for the camera icon on your home screen!

tips tricks a3 a5 picture
You can enable the floating key in the camera options. AndroidPIT

Customizing the interface

Some people (especially me) consider TouchWiz as a rather ugly interface, located at the antipodes of Android Stock. Be aware that it is possible to customize the interface with many themes, which certainly does not solve all the problems but can at least make the phone more enjoyable to use. You can also download screens and icon packs.

The problem is the price. Who would like to put 1.80 euro in a pack of icons? Fortunately, some themes / fund / icons are free, and some are pretty cool. You will find them in the settings, tab "Backgrounds and Themes". You can also access it by making a long press on your bottom of screen then by clicking on "Backgrounds and themes" in the button at the bottom left.

tips tricks a3 a5 themes
You can customize the appearance of TouchWiz. AndroidPIT

Using the secure file

Although some people clement loudly do not hide anything on their phones, it can still be useful to "hide" some items. When you lend your phone to your mom, you may not want her to come across photos where you are completely drunk, or your girlfriend sees you in the picture dancing with another girl. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it is never pleasant to be confused in explanations that are sometimes not expensive.

Samsung offers an alternative with its secure file, which we already found in the Note7. You can put in this folder all that you want to keep for yourself, and obviously protect you access this folder using a password or the fingerprint reader. The only condition to access it is to have a Samsung code. Just go to the apps, enter the Samsung Apps folder and open "Safe Folder". Then let yourself be guided.

androidpit a5 review software
Place your applications or other "sensitive" data in the secure folder. AndroidPIT

Receive notification reminders

You can receive a message on WhatsApp when you are in a meeting and, half an hour later, have completely forgotten to read this message. Samsung has been thinking about this type of tourdis by offering a reminder of notifications: when you forget to read a notification, you may receive a reminder.

Of course, you can choose which type of notification / for which application to receive reminders. Just go to the accessibility settings and enter the "Recall Notifications" menu. For your information, you will find many other interesting options in the accessibility settings, such as the magnifying glass on the screen.

tips tricks a3 a5 notifications
This can be convenient for heads in the air. AndroidPIT

Enable simplified mode

The more geeks among us will appreciate a fully configurable welcome screen, but some prefer to opt for simplicity by opting for a "simpler layout" and a "larger font size," as Samsung explains. You can activate this display system in the options. Beware, the icons and fonts on the screens of home will be really very large, and even the menu of the notifications is found changed!

To activate this mode, simply enter the parameters and find the "Simplified Mode" tab. Inside, you just have to click on "Simplified Mode" and validate.

tips tricks a3 a5 easy mode
The simplified mode is rather aptly named. AndroidPIT

The classic tips and tricks

Some tips and tricks were already present in previous models and / or other devices of the brand.

SOS sending

For example, we can send SOS messages when you are in distress: you enter Settings> Advanced Features> Send SOS Messagesonce the option is active you must add a recipient. Then, simply press the start / stop key 3 times to send the SOS.

Multi-window mode

On the A5, you have the option to get a split screen. To do this, just keep pressing the multitask symbol, but keep in mind that not all applications are compatible with this mode. In general, Google apps are no problem (Gmail, Play Store etc).

The deactivation of upday

Samsung has decided to put its own information system on its devices: upday. The new Galaxy A3 and A5 do not escape the rule, with a swipe to the right you access the widget upday. Do not panic, if you're used to the Google Now launcher or you do not want this widget on your home screen, you can simply disable it.

To do this, simply make a long press on the screen. You will see 3 buttons at the bottom (screens, widgets, grid of screen). Move to the right to display the left screen. You can then deactivate it by pressing the button.

Pinging apps

In some cases, it may be convenient to lock your screen on a simple application. Notifications from other apps are blocked, you can not open anything else, so your private life is respected. The possibility of pingler is active by default but in case you find it in Settings> Lock / Security screen> Other security settings> Pin windows (at the bottom of the menu).

Then, tap the multitche to see the list of open applications, at the bottom right of the most recent application you can find a pingle at the bottom right of the app window. Press and the window will lock on this application.

tips tricks a3 a5 upday pin
On the left, the deactivation of upday. Right, the menu to ping an application. AndroidPIT

Do you know any other tips and tricks for these two smartphones?

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