The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung has recently released its new flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. That said, the Korean manufacturer does not only issue high-end devices, last December he has among others present the Galaxy A5. This smartphone did not completely convinced us its launch, especially because of its price a bit too high for a device of this level, but it is nonetheless a phone quality. Moreover, it is one of the most sold in France at the moment. You'll find below the tips and tricks of the Galaxy A5 (2016), these small options and hidden functions that can sometimes be very useful.

If you're used to TouchWiz and / or if you have a Galaxy S7, you may already know some of these tips. It would be complicated for Samsung to create many functions that are only suitable for this smartphone, the investment may not be profitable. The logic is obviously quite different on its new flagships since the goal is precisely to score through special features.

Sending SOS messages

In the settings of the smartphone, we can find this function that allows you (as the name suggests) to inform your contacts that you are in distress. The concept is particularly simple: you select which people should receive the alert, and once the option is active, you only need to quickly press the power button 3 times to send it. Remember to activate the option (it is disabled by default) and choose which of your contacts should receive the alert.

This system defaults two pieces of information:

  1. You need help
  2. Your rental (the GPS will turn on automatically if it is dyed)
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In difficult situations, you can quickly warn your loved ones that you are in trouble. AndroidPIT
<p style=You will find this function in Confidentiality / protection > Send SOS messages. You can also set the function to send an image or sound. I hope of course that you will never use this function of SOS, but it is interesting to have it, in case …

Use simplifies for people in difficulty

Do you have problems using? Samsung thinks of users with disabilities, the device offers different options to greatly improve their experience of use. That you have problems of sight, of oue or simply of dextrit, you will be able to find in the parameters a tab accessibility that can simplify your life.

menu assistant
You can place a mouse cursor on your screen. AndroidPIT

The assistant menu (in the menu Dextrit and interaction) is particularly interesting. Once activated, you can see a small blue circle with 4 white squares in it, by pressing it you will access quick commands (screenshot, lock etc.) as well as the use of a mouse cursor, like on a computer .

Ultra Customizable Energy Saving Mode

All devices offer at least one energy saving mode, most of them even offer several. Ultra mode is hard-core enough, it only allows you to connect in WiFi but you can still use Bluetooth and GPS. The screen switches to black-and-white mode for maximum power savings, which matches perfectly with the smartphone's Super AMOLED screen.

The options available in this mode are reduced to the maximum. Your home screen disappears, access most applications also. Only a few still resist the invader: the phone, the messages, the browser, the calculator, the voice recorder, the clock and the mmo.

The alternative in the absence of LED notifications

The notification LED is so convenient … With most Android devices you only have to see the glow of the LED to know if you have received messages / calls. With the A5 (2016), you can forget, this smartphone does not have this famous LED. Are we really forced to turn on the screen to see if we have pending notifications?

Screenshot 2016 04 28 14 10 58
No notification LEDs but a vibration system is an acceptable alternative. AndroidPIT

You can opt for a special vibration system: if you have messages / missed calls, your smartphone will vibrate when you take it in hand. This can be convenient if you have your hands free. You can enable this system from Movements and gestures > Smart Alert. Let's specify in passing that in this same menu you can associate other movements with an action: cut the sound by covering the screen and take a screenshot with a movement of the hand.

Flipboard disabling

The previous generation of Samsung flaghships, namely the S6 family, had already flipboard prinstall. Samsung has other projects in mind for the long term but for the moment it is content to impose Flipboard, accessible directly from a simple swype, the application occupying all the screen.

The previous generation of the Samsung flaghships had already flipboard prinstall

Users are free to disable the application, my colleague Tony has explained the march in his article.

Enabling the fractional screen

As its name suggests, this mode divides your screen into two distinct windows, each one associates an application. This is convenient for those who want to do two things at once, such as watching a video and taking notes at the same time. As you can imagine, the bigger your screen, the more fun it will be to use. As far as I'm concerned, I rarely use it on a smartphone but on a tablet it's a must.

split screen
Access two windows at the same time. AndroidPIT

Just make a long press on the multitouch key and then choose the applications you want. Be careful, not all applications are compatible with this system. For your information, Android N intends to offer a system for resizing windows, which will allow this feature to be used on all compatible devices.

Do you know other tips that are the strength of this smartphone?

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