The best tips and tricks for Honor 7

The best tips and tricks for Honor 7

The Honor 7 is the Android smartphone currently showing the best value for money. In just a few weeks, he became one of the most popular phones for Android enthusiasts and journalists. As always, each phone has its secrets that must be known in order to make the most of your mobile. Here are the best tips and tricks of Honor 7.

1. Extend the life of the battery

With a battery of 3100 mAh, the Honor 7 is already one of the best smartphone at the level of autonomy. Unfortunately, its battery is not removable and can not be replaced. So in order to keep valuable percentage points and keep your phone when you need it most, take a look at the universal tips in the link below:

2. Enable Intelligent Power Mode

Just like the Huawei P8, the battery life of the Honor 7 can be easily tense using the phone's own functions. To access the energy management settings and extend the battery life, go to Parameters> Energy saving.

From this menu, you will have the choice between three energy plans: Performance (normal), Intelligent and Ultra energy saving. Even for everyday use, it's worth configuring the Smart Mode settings as they will allow you to individually select which items on your phone can use the power of your smartphone and when they can use it.

The Ultra Energy Saving mode can be very useful in moments of despair. It only allows the reception and sending of calls and SMS messages and stops all other applications drastically reducing the expenditure of energy.

honor 7 energy economy
The Honor 7 is packed with tips for optimizing the battery. AndroidPIT

3. Identify the food-additive applications

The Protected Applications menu, which is also found in the Honor 7 settings, gives you the ability to identify the nergivorous apps that are hidden on your phone. Many applications continue to use the battery of the smartphone even when the phone is in sleep mode. Once you've identified the apps, simply flip the switch to stop the app's activities in the background.

honor 7 protected applications
The Honor 7 makes it easy to identify energy-hungry applications. AndroidPIT

4. Use the fingerprint reader effectively

The Honor 7's fingerprint reader is mainly used to unlock the phone, but it can also act as a trigger for a variety of functions. To allow this, you just have to go to the Settings> Fingerprint ID. In this menu, you can decide what other actions you want to take through the fingerprint reader.

For example, this can be particularly useful if, for example, you take a picture. Once this is taken, you can immediately skip the home screen by simply touching the sensor.

Honor 7 fingerprint
The Honor 7's fingerprint reader can serve many things. AndroidPIT

5. Use the smartphone with one hand

With its 5.2 inch notch, the Honor 7 is far from the largest smartphone on the market but those with small hands can still find hard to reach the opposite side of the screen. The problem is easily resolved by activating the One-Hand Navigation Interface option in the settings. You can then decrease the size of the screen or move the keyboard to one side.

honor 7 hand navigation
The Honor 7 can adapt to small hands. AndroidPIT

6. Use the Intelligent Key button effectively

The Honor 7 has a button on the left side that you can use as a shortcut for actions or applications. This button is called the Smart Key and can be activated three ways – by pressing once, pressing twice, and staying pressed. These three actions produce different results. By default, it is an Ultra-snapshot, a voice recording and screenshot that are set. You can then define what you want to do with this button by going to Settings> Smart Button.

honor 7 smart touch
The button on the left of the Honor 7 can be adjusted according to your wishes. AndroidPIT

7. Activate speech recognition

Like the Huawei P8 and the Mate S, the Honor 7 can be controlled using only voice commands. The phone allows you to make calls and send messages using voice commands. However, you can not launch applications or change settings.

Head to the Settings> Language & input> Voice input :

honor 7 voice recognition
Some Honor 7 actions can be activated by voice commands. AndroidPIT

Here is our list of tips and tricks for the Honor 7. If you know of others we have forgotten, do not hesitate to share them in the comments!

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