The best free data recovery software: recover lost or deleted data

Have you ever accidentally deleted important files from your hard drive or accidentally formatted USB or SD card? Did you know that if this happens, as long as the files have not been overwritten, you can use data recovery software to get them back.

If you often delete files by mistake, you should try the free data recovery software which I will introduce next.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free file recovery program for Windows and Mac operating systems. High quality software that impressed not only the local masses but also intellectual computing professionals.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard makes it easy to recover deleted data. The program’s interface is very user-friendly and the recovered files are displayed in classic Explorer format.

The best free data recovery software: recover lost or deleted data


Here is the list of awesome features present in this software.

  • Available on Mac and Windows
  • Allows you to scan an entire hard drive
  • You can recover lost files easily
  • Allows you to browse deleted files using Windows Explorer based on the month and year of the deleted file
  • It is possible to offer a backup medium for the scanned results. Backup is useful in the future and sometimes without having to rescan the global drive.
  • You can easily recover deleted partition and corruption files
  • Can create a bootable USB device in order to recover your files after operating system crash
  • Features to recover from removable media, external drive, optical storage, etc.
  • You can store deleted files recovered from EaseUS data recovery software. You can sort them by date, name and file type.
  • With the quick scan function, you can quickly check the entire disk.
  • You can recover files not only from Windows systems but from other drives formatted using Mac HFS + file system.
  • It comes with a search tool that allows you to search among different results obtained during a scan based on the extension or the name of the file.

Prices and plans

EaseUS provides trial versions of its software, which can be used to recover up to 2 GB of data on PCs and Macs. A trial run will help you determine if your lost data can be recovered before purchasing the software.

How to recover deleted files, photos and other data using recovery wizard

As mentioned earlier, the tool is quite easy to use. When you download the program and install it, a wizard interface guides you through the data recovery process.

Once the application is open, the first step involves selecting a scan location.

You can choose to scan your desktop, your Windows libraries, a specific partition, or an external drive. If you are dealing with an unmounted or deleted partition, the data recovery wizard will also display the data by extracting information from the partition table. Unlike most data recovery tools, you don’t need to run a full hard drive scan first.

Once done, it’s time to scan your computer or drive. At the top corner of the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard screen, you can find a process bar showing the status of the recovery. The process bar displays the estimated time remaining for the scan to be performed as a percentage.

The scan is fast and when completed, the tool will list all files deleted or deleted from the recycle bin. This program will automatically launch a analysis thorough for a new recovery after passing the first scan and getting its result with you.

Deep analyze is based on a new sector-by-sector analysis, which can take a very long time. Please be patient and support the action. Do not interrupt the scan in the middle of the process if it is not necessary.

It is recommended that you run Deep Scan in the following two situations:

1. You cannot find the files you need on the first scan.2. The recovered files cannot be properly opened.

By choosing to run Deep analyze, you make the program perform a new sector-by-sector analysis, which can take a very long time.

Once done, preview and recover the files. You can quickly filter out the lost files with the options below.

  1. Graphic
  2. audio
  3. Document
  4. Video
  5. E-mail
  6. Other.

It also offers an option Overview to preview some specific file types in the program.

After the preview or search operation is completed, you can select the targeted files and press the button Recover to retrieve them and save them to your computer or storage device. At this point, make sure to save all recovered files to another drive to avoid data overwriting.

It might seem like a bad thing that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can only restore 500MB of your files, but you will probably find that the document files, pictures or audio files that you accidentally deleted have a size good less than 500 MB.

Note: there is an option in the program to recover up to 2GB for free, but first you need to share an article on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus about EaseUS Data Recovery.

You can download the data recovery wizard EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for free from their official site.