The best free and essential iPhone apps

The best free and essential iPhone apps

With more than two million apps available in the App Store, it's hard to navigate. We have created for you a selection of the best free and essential applications to help you multiply the uses of your iPhone.

Surf the Internet

Used to Chromium, Firefox or Edge on PC, you can benefit from the synchronization of your data on iPhone. The three browsers are available in mobile applications and are a perfect replacement for Safari. By connecting your Google, Firefox or Microsoft account, you instantly find your history, your favorites and your open tabs on other devices.

Opera mini seriously compete these three gloves of the web. The mobile version of the Norwegian browser manages cross-platform data synchronization and incorporates an innovative Turbo mode. Once activated, the option compresses web pages, speeds up browsing and reduces the consumption of Internet data.

Those looking for a privacy-friendly solution can count on DuckDuckGo. Effective against advertising tracking, this browser allows you to surf without leaving a trace. The partnership established with Terms of Service Didnt Read helps you quickly decode the privacy policies of the sites you visit using the privacy rating assigned to them.

In the same genre, Brave promises you a navigation respectful of your private data and guaranteed without unwanted content and without tracker. To ensure maximum security, all connections to the sites you visit are established in HTTPS. Finally, if the browser offers a private navigation mode as with its competitors, it stands out from the latter by also integrating a private navigation module with Tor.

Consult social networks

The explosion of smartphones has greatly contributed to making social networks the most visited sites from a mobile. Among the leaders, we find the indtrnable Facebook thanks to which you easily take news of your relatives and acquaintances.

It is possible to do without the official application, often described for its heaviness and its annoying tendency to cannibalize the autonomy of your iPhone. Friendly encapsulates the mobile web version of the Facebook site. You can find the social network and its instant messaging within the same application and can connect several profiles to it.

Twitter also has its official app to allow you to consult your timeline, retweet your followers, or share the latest popular viral video.

Difficult to ignore Instagram, social network dedicated to the photography on which you post your daily photos. The list of available filters and effects allows you to add a touch of fantasy and transform the most banal images into artist photos.

Popular with teens, Snapchat often escapes adults. This does not prevent it from being an essential application. The photos, videos and messages sent with stand out by their faint character since an open message disappears in the seconds which follow its reading.

Communicate with loved ones

In theory, diOS users should be able to rely on native iPhone functions. Integrated in the original SMS app, iMessage allows you to send text messages and files via the Internet. Video and audio calls are supported by FaceTime. However, it should be noted that these options are only reserved for users of Apple devices.

To communicate with all your contacts without exception, you can turn to Skype. The application allows the sending of written messages and the making of audio or video calls to any fixed or mobile operating system.

If you prefer SMS type messages, WhatsApp simpose as the ideal solution. The application available on all mobile platforms offers the possibility of sending messages to your correspondents free of charge and making audio calls. You must be connected to the Internet to use the service.

Finally, Facebook users communicate with their contacts through Messenger. Detached from the social network, the instant messaging app offers direct access to your friends list. You send text messages, create discussion groups, share links and files, make audio or video calls.

Check your emails

Native to iOS, Mail essentially meets all of your email management needs.

It is of course possible to prefer other messaging services according to his habits. Google account owners will tend to prefer it Gmail which includes in its mobile interface all the codes and options of the web version including multi-client support and labels.

Yahoo mail responds positively to owners of mailboxes opened with different suppliers. In addition to Yahoo accounts, the application is compatible with Gmail, AOL and Outlook profiles. We appreciate the synchronization support with the cloud services that are Google Drive and Dropbox.

The management of online storage spaces is also done with Outlook which connects OneDrive, Dropbox and Drive. Microsoft's email client is also compatible with Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo, ranks your messages in order of importance, integrates the calendar and reminds you of your appointments.

Compatible with the most popular reception boxes as well as the most confidential services, Spark centralize all your accounts. Its originality lies in its very particular management of the emails that you program, which you postpone reading later and about which you discuss privately with selected contacts.

Take photos

Despite the excellent reputation that the iPhone camera enjoys, it may be that the launch of your model pushes you to opt for a third-party camera app.

VSCO responds to the quality and creativity requirements expressed by lovers of beautiful images. like a pictorial social network, the application makes the most of the hardware configuration of the iphone to capture neat shots. Everyone is free to personalize them using filters or light touch-ups before sharing them with the rest of the community.

Retrica competes judiciously VSCO. The app puts at your disposal a camera module integrating a hundred predefined filters that you apply when capturing. A posteriori, you can quickly retouch your images and create collage in a photo booth.

Black and white lovers show their artistic sense with Lenka. The configurable application on the fly applies your settings in real time on the subject to be photographed. You can change the brightness, adjust the focus, opt for a hot or cold black and white by playing on the color temperature of the image, deepen the contrasts.

listen to music

Faced with the lack of local space, streaming convinces iPhone owners limited in storage. Deezer and Spotify offer free access to millions of music tracks. In return, you sporadically listen to a few advertisements or accept the random reading of your playlists. A lower cost for those who want to spare the voluminous synchronization of their music library.

Google offers an interesting alternative with Google Play Music. The application allows those who wish to synchronize in the cloud up to 50,000 songs originally stored on their computer. It is then possible to stream them from your iPhone provided that you have previously connected your Google account.

To discover unique pieces or to find new groups and singers, we turn rather to SoundCloud. The sharing platform essentially lists little-known and / or independent artists. The opportunity to enrich and diversify its musical culture far from the trends imposed by the majors.

Watch videos

Streaming also finds its interest in the video field. Dominating the sector, Youtube brings together millions of hard clips and varied themes. Users search for content by keyword, sabotage chanes and react to videos by commenting on them.

Molotov carries television on iPhone with its streaming and replay service. You benefit from the contents diffused in direct by the free channels of the TNT. Depending on the partnerships established between the platform and the audiovisual players, you will resume a program already started at the beginning. Afterwards, you access the replay of the missions.

To enjoy the videos stored on your iPhone, you can always count on VLC. Like its desktop version, the application supports most of the existing codecs, supports multilingual and manages non-encrypted subtitles.

Please note: you will have to make an extra effort to enjoy your videos via VLC since you must go through iTunes and File Sharing located in the application synchronization window to transfer videos from your computer's hard drive to your iPhone.

Find a route

Let's be honest, Apple Plans has yet to progress to finally convince its users. Waiting, Google Maps offers a more than satisfactory GPS solution. It calculates routes with or without stages. Saving maps locally allows offline navigation.

Often presented as the direct competitor of Google Maps, Waze optimizes your journeys based on real-time traffic conditions. We owe the accuracy of these data to an active community of drivers who regularly report slowdowns, traffic jams, accidents and vehicles stopped on the low side.

If your mobile plan does not include enough foreign data, it is better to provide a backup solution. Free training, Here WeGo offers the possibility of downloading in advance the cartography of one or more countries in which you intend to go. The application, which also provides information on real-time traffic conditions, also offers the possibility of finding alternative routes with all the means of transport available in the area.

Geovelo guides cyclists on safe roads. Available in several major cities in France, the app establishes routes according to your sports skills. You will also discover various guided circuits combining exercises and walks.

Are you planning to visit a big city and would you like to travel by public transport? Citymapper covers many metropolitan areas including Paris, Barcelona, ​​London, Rome, Berlin and New York. The app allows you to easily prepare your journeys by public transport, providing timetables for buses, trams and subways in real time.

To work

To compete with Microsoft, Apple has its own office suite on the iPhone. Pages, Numbers and Keynote give you the essential tools for editing text documents, spreadsheets and dynamic presentations. You save and synchronize your work on iCloud to easily find them on macOS.

The faithful of the Office suite find Word, Excel and Power point on iPhone. They benefit from synchronization with their Microsoft account.

Google also has its own applications with Documents, Sheets and Slides. In both cases, there is mutual compatibility between the different file formats.

If you happen to work with documents written in a foreign language, check the uncertain translations using Microsoft Translator. The application translates the text written, dictated or photographed into sixty languages.

Unlike Android, Apple still insists not to integrate a file manager worthy of the name on iPhone. To open, save or edit the many attachments received by email, you will have to go through a third-party application. Universal solution, Documents is able to open files in different formats: text, PDF, audio, photo, video, ZIP.

The camera of the iPhone being so very good, it is perfectly conceivable to use it to scan documents. Applications like Genius scan guarantee careful scanning. The requested algorithms straighten and improve the clarity of your contracts, photos, supporting documents that you export in JPG and PDF formats.

Completing and signing documents from an iPhone is not impossible. Adobe Fill & Sign fully exercise this exercise and simplifies the filling of your personal information in the forms. It is indeed possible to create a kind of profile on which are saved personal information that you have to enter frequently. A few steps are then enough to fill in the different fields of a form.

Cherry on the cake, Adobe Fill & Sign also includes a module allowing you to save a handwritten signature which you can then affix at the bottom of your documents.

Store files online

To solve the problem of non-expandable iPhone memory or to save precious documents, consider copying your files to the cloud. Google Drive, Dropbox and onedrive offer respectively 15 GB, 2 GB and 5 GB of free storage space. These three services are available on all mobile and desktop platforms, you can find your content from any Internet connected device.

Larger photos and videos benefit from their own solutions, especially with Google Photos. The tool allows you to organize content into private or shared albums.

Google Photos has no limit on the condition of hosting files of 16 mgapixels or 1080p maximum. If the original size of your photos and videos exceeds these values, you will have to make do with the 15 GB shared with Gmail and Drive.

Manage your professional network

Social networks are making a place in the world of work with platforms like LinkedIn. The app puts you in touch with colleagues who you would not accept on Facebook but with whom you wish to keep in touch. The service also offers you to create an online CV that potential recruiters can study before contacting you.

French solution do not neglect, Viadeo LinkedIn competition in the field of VSEs / SMEs. Like its American competitor, the platform collects your professional identity, puts you in contact with your current or former employees and suggests job offers that may interest you.

Even within the company, you can communicate with your colleagues using tools such as Slack. This communication platform emphasizes collaborative work. Articulated around working groups and sub-groups, it allows the elements of one or more teams to join spaces and organize themselves to carry out common projects. It changes text, links and files that all members of the same group can freely consult.

Slack's main competitor, Microsoft Teams offers a complete communication solution that integrates perfectly with the Office suite. You can tarnish private conversations, but also group discussions. The tool also allows you to exchange data and documents, assign and manage tasks or even calendar events.

Check your bank account

Managing your finances is no easy task, especially if you live in more than one bank. Applications like Bankin give you a little help, centralizing the synthesis of all your accounts and booklets. You can view money movements in real time and can make transfers if your bank is on the partner list.

Offering similar functions, Linxo and Nestor can manage all types of accounts. You receive notifications when a major expense or an overdraft risk is detected. All your operations are automatically classified by categories. An essential point to help you identify the most important spending items.

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