The best fish of April from the Net 2015

This year, even CERN, which is currently experiencing a delay in restarting its large hadron collider, was there. The institute thus announced a major discovery: the "Force" of Star Wars would be very real …

CERN discovers the Force

For its part, Google deployed the "share a reaction" function on the mobile version of the Chrome browser. His goal: take a selfie of the user each time he opens a web page.


Sony presented with great fanfare its PS Flow: a revolutionary game system which gives a new dimension to the term "immersion" since it involves equipping the user with equipment allowing him to follow his movements underwater … We note the integrated minute dryer.

At Parrot, we also presented a new product: a drone in the shape of a flying saucer. Fruit of almost 3 years of development, the flying saucer must be offered by December … or not.

In terms of French online commerce, the giant LDLC announced good and bad news to its customers: after years of experience in IT, the site was taking over as pastry chef and became "Laurent de la chouquetterie". On the menu: high-tech pastries … stuffed with fish of course.

LDLC April 1, 2015

Samsung this time was not really in finesse with an obvious joke: the Galaxy Blade edge, a butcher knife with a screen for … well in fact we do not really know.

Samsung blade edge

And these are only part of the many pranks that took place during the day yesterday … It remains to be seen if you have been fooled this year.

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