The best Brussels chip shops on your iPhone

The best Brussels chip shops on your iPhone

Where to eat a good Brussels fries? Where do you find real fritkots? It is around these two questions that Julien Thomas had the idea of ​​developing an iPhone application related to this subject… crisp!

First of all, be careful not to confuse fritkot with a place offering these tiny frozen french fries bathed in vegetable oil! No, here, we are talking about a cone of fries traditionally proposed as we are told by the Brussels resident of 25 years graduated from IHECS last year, “They must be fresh and rissoles in beef fat”, he explains.

And it was not easy to identify the best places in the capital. "Finding these fritkots, on newsstands or hard, required an indiscriminate job of several months of field investigation"explains Julien. Because it wasn’t all about finding them. No, it was also necessary to select it, in an impartial manner, according to very strict criteria: fresh potato, animal oil (sometimes halal), a place mainly devoted to fries and ancestral know-how !

Fritkots Brussels, that is the name of this application, therefore offers a selection of 49 renowned establishments in the Brussels capital. “From these 49 best chip shops, we have extracted the 10 Tops. But the other 39 aren't bad either. ”, specifies Julien.

What does the application offer?

– The possibility of finding 49 fritkots in Brussels located on a map which will allow you to build a route to reach them. Note that depending on the time you use the application, it will tell you which fry shops are still accessible (the times of each fry shop have been saved in the app!). Convenient when a small night cravings arises … The menu also shows which fry shops are listed in the TOP 10 (yellow forks under a black background).

– Find the 49 fritkots in the form of a list where it will be possible, by selecting them, to find all their corresponding information, such as contact details, Julien's review and of course, the route to get there as quickly as possible !

– Access to an illustrated dictionary of fries in all its aspects. You will learn what the terms Baraque frites, Bintje or Cornet mean.

The opinion of Belgium-iPhone:

The Frikots Brussels app is definitely the tool to have on your iPhone if you are a fan of the "good fries" found in Brussels. If the application is billed at 1.59, we would nevertheless appreciate finding very complete information according to the establishments listed and not just their simple coordinates. When we take a tour of the application and its functionalities (map, list and dictionary). We can only see that the application is very well supplied and we wonder what it could bring more. By looking a little, we could appreciate the arrival of a social module which would allow its users to add comments according to the places tested and even why not increase the number of establishments, while always keeping the TOP 49. functionalities possibly planned for the continuation?

Download Fritkots Bruxelles on the App Store for 1.59.

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