meilleurs jeux iphone - Les meilleurs jeux d

The best action, card & racing games on iOS

meilleurs jeux iphone - Les meilleurs jeux d

If Apple’s iPhones are so successful, it is partly thanks to the gaming experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you are a fan of card games, war, adventure or action, there are thousands of apps on the App Store to keep you busy. Obviously, not all are created equal. Here is our selection of the best in the action, card and race categories.

Best iPhone Games - The Best Action, Card & Racing Games on iOS

Action games

Many fans of action games combine combativeness, strategy and powerful weapons. If you are an iOS user, it is normal that you have one or more action or adventure games. If for some, you will not have to pay anything, for others, you have to get your hands on the wallet. You will still be happy to know that the famous free game Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tops the list of the top 25 free apps on iPhone. So don’t hesitate to download it!

Card games on iOS

The classics are the best, they say. And there is nothing better than card games to illustrate this statement. Many card games are available on iOS. But what many certainly ignore is that the best card games are the casino ones. Whether it’s poker in its different varieties or blackjack, you’re sure to have a great time. In 2018, it became natural to play cards on your iPhone. Discover here the top 6 mobile casinos, where you can take advantage of the best deals from Canada. This may be one of the reasons behind the record sales of iPhone in 2017 in this country.

Racing games on iOS

If there is a niche that has the coast in this year, it is that of racing games. The best racing apps continue to drain from the world. One thinks in particular of Universal with its titles “AG Drive”, “Alsphalt 8: Airborne”, or even “Drift’n’Drive” to name only these. Unfortunately, most of them are paid, even if, it must be admitted, their prowess far outweigh their low prices.

In any case, enjoying games on iOS is no longer a luxury these days. Free or paid, these applications guarantee a unique adrenaline rush!