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the belt connects supported by Samsung that you quickly gain weight

WeltBaptized WELT, this connected belt has an accelerometer to monitor your physical activity. It allows you to indicate the number of steps taken during the day and to encourage you to move a little.

But that's not all since it also measures thewaistline evolution, to indicate a significant waist gain during a meal and in the long term. A way of alerting yourself to too good a fork and weight gain. The simple fact of having to undo a notch or a button is generally enough, but why not …

Its operation is ensured by a 90 mAh rechargeable battery via a Micro-USB 2.0 port for an autonomy of approximately 20 days, while exchanging data with the application Android / iOS on the smartphone or tablet, for analysis, will go through Bluetooth.

Different models are available for women and men, with a size between S and XL. The product is offered as part of a Kickstarter campaign, whose goal of $ 30,000 has already been reached. There are still models to 99 dollars if you are interested.