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The beauty of the big screen: the best Android games to try on your tablet

If you want the best gaming experience on Android, then you'll want to play on an Android tablet. Playing a few games on a phone doesn't compare playing them on a bigger screen. But which Play Store titles are best suited for Discover below in our list of the best Android tablet games.

Gameloft just launched Asphalt 9: Legends on the Play Store, and like the previous Asphalt series, we love to play on tablets. As always, it's available for free download, but in-app purchases are there for you. try.

One of the funniest parts of Asphalt 9: Legends is the huge selection of famous cars (around 50) such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. New circuits are presented, as well as new online features like multiplayer 7 For the first time in the Asphalt series of games, you can also create your own community of online runners with the Club function.

Gameloft has perfected the race with touch controls, and the tablets are perfect for that immersive feeling when you hit the slopes and admire your car.

Best RPG for tablets

Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition and Suites

For riders it is impossible not to mention Baldur's Gate. This classic PC role-playing game immerses you in the world of role-playing games Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons, with a faithful representation of the rules and The spirit of Gary Gygax's iconic board game. Your protagonist can be anything you want – fighter, wizard, thief, cleric etc. and various mixtures of these that allow you to play the game differently each time.

Beamdog has done a fantastic job of modernizing Baldur’s Gate and making it work properly on Android, and even if you can install the game on some phones, tablets are recommended due to the complex user interface and tactical battle options.

The Baldur's Gate series of games has a rich history full of epic and witchcraft, political intrigue, divine upheavals and even a romantic touch. Afterwards, Baldur's Gate 2, and the new “interquel” Siege of Dragonspear available, your tablet can be a window to a fantasy world for hours and hours (and hours).

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

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Best puzzle game for tablets

Deus Ex Go

When we looked at Deus Ex Go, we called it a strong continuation of the series. What it really is, is one of the best examples of turn-based strategy on Android.

In this title, you must direct the protagonist Adam Jensen around a grid, living and deactivating the enemies to reach the end of each step. These levels act like puzzles which must be solved in certain ways to progress. not like the Deus Ex console counterparts, this was built for mobile, so don't expect the same number of options to tackle situations. But the simplicity of its design is why it works so well.

It’s a smart little title that, despite its relative brivet, is one of the best strategy experiences you can have on mobile. The puzzles are complex and rewarding and they also look awesome. Android game well done.

Deus Ex GO Deus Ex GO

Best card game for tablets

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard has an incredible pedigree. With World of Warcraft, Diablo and, more recently, Overwatch, it's no surprise that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft looks and plays as well. From the superb balance of its cards, to the excellent animations and art, Hearthstone shines everywhere.

In Hearthstone, you play as a sorcerer who must cast spells to defeat his opponent, who has the same task. These spells are derived from cards that you draw and play each round. It is a proven formula that Blizzard has perfectly integrated into a Free mobile title. Best of all, it's constantly updated with more content. Don't miss it.

Hearthstone Hearthstone

Best open-world game for tablets

Pocket edition minecraft

If you haven't heard of Minecraft yet, you must have lived under a rock. Or a block. Minecraft is Mojang's hit game, which focuses on construction. Build what, exactly? Almost everything.

Minecraft provides a standard sandbox in which you can play. You are mining blocks to collect materials, craft items, create huge structures, dig caves, and fight zombies. The number of possibilities available in its procedural genes is endless. Discover some of the most impressive creations ever made in the PC version on the link.

Minecraft is ideally played on a larger device, as it requires a lot of article management and swapping between materials in your inventory, and this can be done much more precisely on a tablet than on a smartphone.

Minecraft Minecraft

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Best Tablet Board Game


Some people say that playing a board game on a tablet is a crime, and as a fan of board games, I tend to agree, but there are exceptions to this. Playing a board game on Android is a great way to test a game before buying a physical copy, since they are much cheaper than the real thing.

Ticket toRideetCatans are good examples, but I highly recommend Talisman for a deeper gaming experience. Some people claim that it is a purely informative board game and does not require a lot of strategy, but it is the subject of What I can say with some certainty, however, is that it is an explosion to play, with the dice with death being so particularly scary.

Talisman Talisman

Best music game for tablets


Deemo is a different kind of game. Compared to most of the games on this list, Deemo is pretty laid back. The music is relaxing and the graphics are awesome. The game itself is not exactly what it seems. As the difficulty increases, it becomes more and more difficult to have the right timing.

If you're not just in action, you can take a look at Deemo. The game is fun, has a lot of good songs (40 free, and 110 in total) and it shows that tablet games don't always have to be stuffed. Action.


These are the games I consider essential for your Android tablet, but this list covers only a few of the thousands of cool games that are optimized for tablets, and I'm sure everyone has their favorites. What are yours? Are there things we missed that you think we should include? Let us know in the comments below.