Bouygues Telecom launches a mobile offer for children

The B & You 50 Go 10 package for one year

After a first appearance in February, the B & You 50 GB package from Bouygues Telecom at € 9.99 per month is again available. It is still a special series on the Web which is offered until March 20.

It is therefore a rather brief reappearance which allows Bouygues Telecom to occupy the field after the last offensives of Sosh, Free Mobile (for roaming) and RED by SFR with RED 100 GB. Like Sosh, it is not without condition of duration but for one year.

B & You-50-Go

Conditioned on the opening of a new line, the offer includes unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and the DOM, unlimited SMS and MMS in mainland France, unlimited SMS to the overseas departments.

Beyond a year, the data envelope drops to 20 GB and the price goes back to the usual € 24.99 per month.