The Apple Watch has become a working tool for doctors in California

The autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 5 disappoints

icon apple watchIt's been several days now that many owners of the Apple Watch Series 5 have their watch that never goes out when it's their wrists! After a few days of use, you can give an opinion on the device. This is what many Americans do with a 9to5mac survey.

The autonomy of the Apple Watch 5 has not conquered some users at all

It was a big challenge for Apple! Keeping the autonomy of his watch connects, while leaving the notch lit all day long. Several people were skeptical about Apple's claims, which claimed that for her, the development of an OS that does not pull too much on the performance of the Apple Watch, everything would be fine!
Certainly, autonomy happens to hold, but not as some owners of the Series 5 hoped.

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Users say, in normal use, the end of the day, they have less battery with the Apple Watch Series 4. It's a bit normal you'll tell me, since the screen is still on. .. However, Apple has confirmed that the end of your day, the Series 5 will get the same% of battery as the previous model.

The poll

A survey allowed a large number of Americans to express their feelings about the battery level after a day of use of the Apple Watch Series 5.
The opinions come together and say that this is disappointing!

The answers with the votes are as follows:

  • Better than I thought: 8,37% ie 198 votes
  • What I expected: 20,81% ie 492 votes
  • Less than I thought: 53.6% ie 1,267 votes
  • Other: 17,22% ie 407 votes

The results are not very rewarding for the Californian firm which was persuaded that the autonomy of its Apple Watch Series 5 would satisfy its owners.

And if it was a software bug?

Quite strange in this survey of autonomy, multiple owners of Apple Watch Series 4 claim to have a lower autonomy when they compare watchOS 5. If earlier models of Apple Watch are confronts a decline in autonomy because of the software update , the Apple Watch Series 5 could be too. Since the Series 4 and 5 have exactly the same software version.

In the meantime, if you want to keep your screen on all the time, you can disable the "Always on" setting in the settings of your Apple Watch Series 5.
For this, the path is simple. Just go to "Settings" -> "Brightness and display" -> Always on -> Press -> Select no.

We look forward to the next version of watchOS to see if the autonomy of the last watch connects Apple, returns to top form!

For our part, we actually felt a difference in autonomy between Series 4 and Series 5.
For example, after normal use, at the end of the day with the Series 4, we were still 65%, with the Series 5, we are rather 37%.