The Australian government buys 3,000 iPhone 11s for its policemen

The Australian government buys 3,000 iPhone 11s for its policemen

iphone 11 iconBig orders like this, Apple must rub its hands! The Australian operator Telstra has ordered from Apple a large number of iPhone 11 to meet the demand of one of its subscribers, the Australian government! This one wants to equip 3000 police officers of the Western Australia Police of the last smartphone of Apple, in order to facilitate their dailies during the interventions!

An order of 4.98 million euros

The deployment is done gradually, the operator seems to have failed to ship all the iPhone 11 at once. There is currently 60 police officers who have already reu on the iPhone 11, the others will have a little wait !
Why invest so much in one of the most expensive smartphones? Because the iPhone has a particular OS scuris and the confidentiality is respects in a way pointed by Apple. It's that loveth the Australian government.

There is also the objective of facilitating communication with 3000 police officers in the field. The radio communication in the car as in the movies, it's a bit of the story Ancient and he's time rejuvenate the means of communication with teams who intervene or wander the streets of Australian cities for the safety of citizens.

iphone 11

Applications will be pre-installed

Relative time information, verification of identity, search in the database of the Australian police, incident reporting during an intervention… everything will be done via the iPhone 11!

The Minister of Police of Western Australia has justified the choice of the government through a statement:

These devices will provide our agents with quick access to information and intelligence in the field and help them do their jobs more efficiently. Under the last government, Western Australia has lagged behind in the integration of technology into our teams. Our government is catching up and ensuring that a modern police force is ready and equipped with the tools it needs to ensure our security.