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The Apple Watch once again saved a life

LApple Watch a encore permis de sauver une vie

LApple Watch a encore permis de sauver une vie

  Apple Watch Still Saved a Life

According to a press article, cardiologist Phil Massey in Seattle would have shown the newspaper the advances made in preventing deaths from heart disease. The Apple Watch (which we were talking about very recently) is there because it has the advantage of being able to detect atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder.

A patient who stopped treatment was seen save your life recently with your Apple Watch. Indeed, a cardiologist would have brought him to the hospital since his Apple Watch reported an irregular heartbeat.

Apple, which cannot replace a full-fledged doctor, plays the game of prevention thanks to its watch, the latter can then strongly encourage its holder to act or consult before it is too late.

Florent Lanne

Passionate about new technology, I am a writer for I evolve in the Apple ecosystem and that is why I write information about it.

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