Apple Watch 2: the GPS chip yes, the 4G chip no

The Apple Watch is fine, Tim Cook confirms

apple watch sport 2While we had heard of an erosion of sales of Apple Watch, Everything is fine according to Tim Cook who responded by email to Reuters. The news agency asked him to comment on the latest publication of the barometer of watch sales connected by IDC.

According to this study, Apple would be only fourth behind Garmin, Fitbit and Xiaomi with 1.1 million Apple Watch sold in the third quarter of 2016, compared with 3.9 million units a year earlier. A collapse despite the recent arrival of the Apple Watch Series 2.

For, Tim Cook this is not true because he said:

Our information shows that the Apple Watch behaves very well and that it should be one of the most popular Christmas presents this year (…)

Sales growth is phenomenal. In fact, during the first week of end-of-year sales, our sales to customers were stronger than any other week of sales of this product since its launch. And as we expected, the Apple Watch is on track to achieve the best quarter of its history.

So did customers wait for the end of the year parties to offer or afford an Apple Watch Series 2? In any case, our dear readers do not ask a lot of apps and games for the Apple Watch …

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