The Apple Watch in great shape during the third quarter of 2019

The Apple Watch in great shape during the third quarter of 2019

icon apple watchSince Apple does not communicate about the sales figures of its Apple Watch generations, we are interested in analytics reports such as Strategy Analytics, which reveals sales figures as accurately as possible. The ranking of the connected watches market in the third quarter of 2019 was published today and it is with great pleasure that we see that the Californian firm still dominates the industry, with its Apple Watch is still very fit.

But who will stop the Apple Watch?

The numbers are unbelievable ! Apple dominated quarter after quarter the ranking of the brands that sell the most connected watches in the world. For the third quarter of 2019, Apple has been able to sell 6.8 million Apple Watch (all generations). Last year, she sold only 4.5 million. The Californian firm arrives to realize a progression of + 51%.

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Competitors are difficult to see so much that they are far

Apple clearly puts the competitors fine, we would be almost sorry for them!
Behind the Californian firm, we find Samsung who sold 1.9 million Galaxy Watch, when last year it sold 1.1 million + 73%).
In third place is Fitbit, which was not in great shape (but now it's the problem of Google). The firm has sold 1.6 million of connected watches (a small progression of + 7%).

In last position, we find the category "Other" who regroup all other manufacturers (Xiaomi type, Huawei …). We do not know how much they are in this category, but they add up 3.9 million sales, while last year there were only 2.9 million sales. The category is progressing + 34%.

The market share is oriented towards 47.9% for Apple.

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