The Apple Watch has saved lives again! Two new testimonials

The Apple Watch has saved lives again! Two new testimonials

icon apple watchThe Apple Watch is much more of a watch. We notice this when we follow closely the news Apple, since often come the beautiful stories of atrial fibrillation detections of the connected watch. Thanks to the health functions, the Californian firm saves lives!

A man saved in Texas and a woman New York

Ray Emerson is a man of 79 years who lives at Texas. He tells a local media that he was quietly spending the day when his Apple Watch vibrated violently on his wrist saying that there was a problem with the heartbeat that was irrgulier.
The watch connects Apple does not go through four paths and does not seek to be delicate in its comments, since it will say cash Ray:
"You have atrial fibrillation detected".

Immediately, Ray Emerson takes the message seriously and approaches David's South Austin Medical Center to do some verifications.
Doctors who support the owner of the Apple Watch immediately confirm that the watch connected was right, there was a problem that could be corrected thanks to the human interventions of the hospital center.

The man who admitted he was "too cheap" to buy himself the Apple Watch, said Apple's watch was now "his buddy" with a big smile.
This is probably the best gift this man from Texas has received!

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A second beautiful story comes from New York

When you are told that the Apple Watch is working miracles and saving lives! Stories like this one we find dozens and dozens since the release of the very first watch connects Apple …

The second story comes from New York and it concerns a grandmother of 74 years. While everyone enjoys the night to recharge their Apple Watch, this favorite user keep her wrist. It was a fantastic idea since in the middle of the night, the Apple Watch alert this lady felt that something was wrong with the beating of her heart.

She also takes the alert seriously, she will immediately get dressed, take her coat and go to the hospital nearest her home, which announces that if the Apple Watch had not launched the alert, she would probably never have known and would have had a day a heart attack or stroke.

This story really mu this grandmother who has recognized that thanks to her Apple Watch who plays the guardian angel, she will be able to sleep better at night.
The Apple Watch was also a gift, an idea of ​​his grandson who claims to be fire that his gift is saved the life of his grandmother.

What the California firm has done with the Apple Watch is simply unbelievable and allows save lives thanks to the detection of heartbeats and the detection of falls.