The Apple Watch has become a working tool for doctors in California

The Apple Watch has become a working tool for doctors in California

icon apple watchThe new system that adopts doctors in California allows to have an optimization of the time of their consultation. What is this system? Apple Watch on the wrist, doctors use the oral application developed by Blue Shield of California and Notable Health. Discover the application that changes the game administrative doctors!

A brand new system highly appreciated in the field

This is a revolutionary new watchOS application that has already proven itself in many California offices. This new system which is based on machine learning, already facilitates the daily work of hundreds of doctors. The principle is simple, during or after consultation with the patient, instead of writing manually, the practitioner will dictate the app what he wants to note in the file.

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Once the application has had all the necessary information, it will immediately analyze the audio and add the relevant notes to the patient's file and will determine the keywords. The application is not the one to write all the texts dictated by the doctors, but to automatically write the words and the sentences that it will judge as the most relevant.
No need to write, no need to search for the patient's file, no need to transmit the manual written on the computer, it is a time saving of several tens of minutes for doctors!

Jeff Bailet who is one of the gnies behind this application said:

Our goal is to help physicians leverage technology to improve the health and well-being of their patients while reducing administrative hassle and improving job satisfaction.

Richard Thorp, president and chief of Paradise Medical Group, says, without hesitation, that this app has already made it easy for you to see it!

As a generalist internist dealing mainly with an age population suffering from multiple complex diseases. I will now have an extremely efficient workflow, a simplified data entry and a patient data entry pre-integrated with each of my patient encounters, which is extremely exciting.

The application is much more than a help to doctors

The application also offers a version for Californian patients. You will have the opportunity to have a reminder of an upcoming consultation, you will be able to check the details of your insurance and even participate in self-assessment surveys of your health.

We hope that the equivalent will arrive soon in France, since even if you are not a doctor, it is interesting as a patient!