The Apple Watch 2 would arrive at the same time as the iPhone 7

The Apple Watch could soon draw health diagnoses

icon apple watchThe Apple Watch is for now more a simple activity tracker than a true ally to stay healthy.

According to Bloomberg, Apple's teams are currently working hard to ensure that the leaded watch is better able to perform health diagnostics through HealthKit and the news agency gives several examples through anonymous sources within the company. company.

A new application may soon be able to track sleep patterns, while another would offer a better analysis of heart rate, calculating for example the time it would take your heart to regain its normal rhythm after physical exertion.

The idea is not only to collect data, but to analyze them more intelligently to better advise the wearer.

On the other hand, a glucose tester or another to measure blood pressure should not be integrated anytime soon because they would not help "a small percentage of users".