The Apple Watch 5 has been disassembled by iFixit

The Apple Watch 5 has been disassembled by iFixit

watch ipa iphoneThe tradition is as well, each new Apple product release, iFixit comes out its screwdrivers. After having lost the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the hackers took care of the Apple Watch Series 5. We advertised it like a Series 4S, we were not deceived.

An Apple Watch 5 very similar to the 4

By squeezing the Apple watch, there is little difference. Madame Loran, whose peculiarity this year is that he always remains lit, is not distinguished from his year, in any case he is naked. Around the OLED LPTO room, iFixit has still found a new ambient light sensor, new layers and a chip for energy management. It is also this point that is currently worrying, the watch with a decreasing autonomy.

apple watch 5 disassembly ifixit

For the processor part, if the SoC is stamped S5, the CPU and the GPU are identical to those of the Apple Watch 4. In contrast, Apple doubled the storage (32 GB) and included a compass, while changing several connectors around the screen , the Taptic Engine and the battery. This component precisely increases only 1.4% on the 44mm model but 10% on the 40mm version. A little surprising!

In the end, the Apple Watch 5 gets the score of 6 out of 10, like the iPhone 2019 and the previous watch.