The Apple Watch 2 with the Apple Watch S at the end of the year?

The Apple Watch 2 less greedy thanks to a refined screen?

icon apple watch os 2WatchOS 3 is there, in beta but what about the Apple Watch 2? According to Digitimes, Apple will graft a "One Glass Solution" screen to the second smartwatch that will allow the latter to reduce its thickness.

This technology makes it possible to have only one "layer" of screen instead of the two current ones (the OLED and the capacitive screen Force Touch). Suddenly, the finesse will be appropriate, which is a good point for the refractory find it too voluminous.

Obviously, this rumor is not confirmed but it comes to argue that the next smart watch will be more successful with also a camera, a 4G chip and a faster processor.

The Apple Watch 2 could then be independent and independent vis-à-vis the iPhone, a strong argument.

It should be seen at the keynote of September with the iPhone 7.

apple watch 2 concept