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The Apple Store renews itself with new buying experience

A major update of the Apple Store app is available, dedicated to the purchase of products directly from the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Store app

The Apple Store is Apple's official app that lets you buy all products sold online and read related information. With this app, you can also get tips on Apple products you already have and discover which accessories are compatible with your devices. It is also possible to use Apple Pay to pay from your iPhone when you are in an Apple Store subscribed to the service.

In this new version, the purchase interface has been totally renewed. Now the images are more detailed, with a lot of information and custom content. You can also register the collection pass in-store directly in the Wallet app.

With this update, Apple combines the Search and Buy tabs in a single interface with a series of tabs and sections that highlight new products, devices already in your possession and purchase categories. The design is similar to the stories in the App Store, with full-screen visuals and buying buttons at the bottom of the screen. Individual product pages now offer an experience closer to navigation.

Apple Store app

Apple has also added the ability to register cards for your in-store withdrawals directly into the Wallet app. This feature extends to reservations for Today at Apple sessions. Any session that you register now is provided on Wallet to register you when you arrive.

The Apple Store is available for free on this link.