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The apple on the back of the iPhone could light up depending on the notifications

Do you remember the old Apple Macbooks? The old computers of the Californian firm had an apple on the hood which stayed on at the same time as the device. The result was magnificent, and was a real added value for Apple devices. The concern is that the functionality consumes energy and draws the battery from the computer.

But Apple would consider doing the same for its next iPhone. At least that’s what a patent filed by the Cupertino company reveals, according to the always well-informed site Apple Insider. According to the details of the documents, the “adjustable decoration” on the back of the iPhone – the apple therefore – could be used by lighting up to warn users of possible notifications. Incoming communication, calendar reminders, SMS … All of this could make the apple blink, or even change its appearance!

A nice little feature that could overshadow devices from other brands … Until now, the iPhone had a feature for the flashlight to flash when a notification arrived on his mobile. Sympathetic, but sometimes very annoying when you are in the presence of friends, in business, or even in the cinema… Let us specify however that the blinking apple is only a patent filing: innovation is therefore not for everything after. And may never be sold.